Can You Tell I've Been Reading The Weekend Magazines Again?

Is there anything more boringly, mundanely unflattering than wearing above-the-knee-length dresses or skirts with tights and ballet pumps? If you’re thin it makes you look like a heron, if you’re not… let’s not go there. And it’s not even like a fashion statement, no, it’s one of those things you do when you want to wear a dress and it’s spring so you have to wear tights and you don’t have any more suitable shoes than plain black ballet pumps which you just cannot get away with, m’kay?

Not that I don’t do this myself sometimes.

Easy simple solution: lace-up shoes. Tennis shoes, brogues, whatever. Shoes which do something around the ankle basically. Or low heels of some kind. Or sandals and just deal with the lack of tights.

Actually what I would really like is tights which don’t have toes. Tights which say have a hole for your big toe and a hole for the other four toes together, a bit like flip flops. Yeah, I know not wearing tights with sandals would be better but we do live in Britain and then you could wear tights with dresses and actual reasonable springtimey sandaly shoes.

Just, please. If you’re wearing ballet pumps your skirt has to be longer than the knee. Or you have to be wearing trousers. It really is that simple. Unless you have literally got the shapeliest, loveliest legs on the planet. And by ‘shapely’ and ‘lovely’ I don’t just mean long and thin, sorry to all you supermodel types. I do just massively envy you normally, but.

Shoot me if I do it again?



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9 responses to “Can You Tell I've Been Reading The Weekend Magazines Again?

  1. mikel

    one pair of tights, one pair of scissors – snip snip, two holes and one pair of tights with a big toe hole and a “all the other toes” hole! Job done πŸ™‚

  2. Jenny

    They’ll ladder. I’ll have to get inventive with glue (to seal the edges) or sew them up both carefully, well, and inconspicuously, and both of those options will probably irritate my feet. THe main objection, of course, is that I can’t be bothered. But I might.

  3. mikel

    lol if you do then photo’s are an absolute MUST. I insist as one of your stalkers!!

  4. Jenny

    are you my foot fetishist stalker by any chance then? πŸ˜›

  5. mikel

    weeellllll, if there’s a vacancy πŸ™‚

  6. Umm, they’ve invented those. Footless tights. Or even leggings worn as tights works just as well and usually are a bit warmer.

  7. Jenny

    No, I want nude tights like you’d usually wear in the summer and I want them to cover my entire leg and foot, just not the toes, so that I can wear sandals that have a toepost when it’s slightly too chilly to go bare-legged!! And they haven’t invented those… .

  8. Flix

    Try M&S or Debenhams? They have toeless tights that are designed to wear with sandles, if that’s the kind of thing you’re looking for? *fingers crossed links work*

  9. Jenny

    Flix you’re a beauty and a genius :D. Thanks. Had no idea anyone had invented these!! xxx

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