Alright So I'm In Birmingham On The Internet.

This post is basically ethical fashion linkspam. I’m good at that. If you can’t be bothered to visit more than one link then this is the link you should click. It’s to the Guardian ethical fashion Earth Day gallery – fourteen pictures, fourteen different ethical brands, fourteen beautiful pieces of clothing, footwear and jewellery, fourteen more reasons to jump on the ethical bandwagon. The rest of this post is basically me jumping about going LOOK LOOK LOOK so you may as well stop reading. Although if you were to click on just one other link it would be this.

Yesterday I basically had to get my weekend newspaper fix so I went on Guardian online and found OH MY WORD ETHICAL SHOES AT PRICES I CAN ACTUALLY CONTEMPLATE. Then I remembered that these days I’m not allowed to go on the internet and buy shoes in case my feet don’t like them. So I thought I’d give you the link. Don’t be put off by the poor site design (although the home page will scroll through various of their designs and initiative so you should get a preview of various pretty things if you wait) and instead look at these brogues. Or these wedges (which have a really pretty print on the heel. Lovely lovely). It’s a bit of a trawl but these are affordable and ethical shoes and the existence of such a site makes me very happy.

You should definitely look at the Guardian gallery where I found the brogues – it led me to Terra Plana shoes (I want these, for starters); Komodo (a bit hit and miss but worth it for the hits); Beyond Skin (really, really lovely vegan shoes, mostly with heels); MonkeeGenes (actual organic ethical blah blah blah genes that I would actually buy at pretty normal prices); and last but most definitely not in the slightest bit least (this may be my second most recommended link on this page) Fashion Conscience, which I hadn’t come across before, another of those sites that pulls together a lot of different ethical brands and puts them all on one site, where I found this top (please?).

So there you go. Knock thyselves out. Me, meanwhile, I just got a whole load of new clothes from my housemate and I said, I said, that I wasn’t going to buy any clothes this term. So. I’m… not going to. Seriously. I mean it.



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