I Really Don't Have Much To Say For Myself At The Moment.

I’m going away for the weekend. I will have access to the internet – after all, I’m only going to be at my aunt’s place – but I will also be reasonably busy and I can’t foresee inspiration striking any time soon, so basically don’t expect an update until Monday at the earliest.

Next week it’s all choir concerts and so on. I’ve got a hideous feeling I’ve effectively missed the orchestra concert having missed two rehearsals in a row and seen a poster recently advertising the concert as being, well, tonight, and I’m away.

I’m doing a quartet gig in Birmingham and from somewhere in my wardrobe I have to produce a summery and yet formal colourful dress in which I can play my cello. I don’t actually have that many clothes up in Uni Town with me (for once) so this could be interesting.

And on Thursday night I had a dinner party. Originally it was going to be me and A and M-and-H, lasagne and a nice bottle of wine before off to the pub quiz… we never made it to the pub quiz. Actually it turns out that M is an experienced and good cook who flummoxed me with his knowledge of technical terms (and, worse, how to pronounce them), so he quickly decided I wasn’t up to the mark (really he should have tried the lasagne I produced on tuesday, not that, of course, he was there, being an atheist) and made the whole thing for me, effectively. I felt slightly galled, I’ll be honest, but it did mean I got to sit down and relax with a nice glass of wine. And it was good wine. I did myself proud there. Now I even know how to say ‘Rioja’, which I didn’t before, although I certainly knew how to enjoy it. Don’t go thinking I got wasted; I didn’t.

Anyway, what happened in the end was that my housemate J joined us, as did my vegan housemate E (who had soup instead) and her boyfriend A (who is not a vegan) and suddenly we had seven people which felt a lot more like a party and was certainly too many for the table, which stayed stuck in the corner and we all sat around the sitting room eating lasagne and making philosophy jokes. I was the only non-philosopher in the room, by some strange chance, actually, but to be honest, witty repartee in the world of philosophy is dead easy – just reply ‘Ah, but is it?’ to anything anyone says and they’ll think you’re hilarious.

I have such fantastically cool friends… .

Anyway that’s quite enough lasagne for one week.

Does anyone know where I can catch the latest leaders’ debates online? I missed Thursday’s.

That was one hell of a boring entry. Please don’t watch this space. It’ll be empty for a while.



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4 responses to “I Really Don't Have Much To Say For Myself At The Moment.

  1. Debate should be on iPlayer.

  2. Jenny

    but i thought it was broadcast last night on sky? xxx

  3. Repeated on BBC2 at 10:30pm/11:30pm ish.

  4. Jenny

    a-ha. Excellent. Have found it on iPlayer – may well watch that when I’m back :). xxx

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