Like Bloody Buses

It’s not a wholly relevant title. But nor is it wholly irrelevant.

Anyway. Somehow I think about all of this and I don’t know what to do right now because I have far too many choices. Somehow this makes me think of things that went years before. And somehow that means that I conflate you with everyone else and somehow manage to write you as a villain in my head and I become far more powerless, when I’m not, and you couldn’t be more considerate if you tried.

In my head I manage to turn you into someone else entirely and this is not the situation we are in, because we’re all adults now, and panicking at two in the morning about a completely reimagined reinterpretation of you is not going to help anyone, and I feel terrible that I can even do that to you in my head.

So, well, thank you.



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6 responses to “Like Bloody Buses

  1. Oh Jenny. Look after yourself, yes? x

  2. Mia

    Dare I ask, Jenny?

    Aso, hope you’re ok!! xxx

  3. Jenny

    I couldn’t possibly even begin to explain without probably wearing my keyboard down into oblivion, so…! I’m afraid that’s all you’re getting.

    And yes, I’m fine. I have a new trench coat! This is wholly irrelevant but very delightful, especially as it used to be my housemate’s, and she’s tiny, and obviously as cast off I didn’t have to pay for it!


  4. Urgh my head.

    Can I vote for this post translated from obscure Jenny-Flix speak into something a mere male can understand? Much appreciated!

  5. Flix

    I like how we have somehow become one person. Who needs cryptic when you have Jenix? πŸ˜›

  6. Jenny

    No, you can’t vote for that option, I’m afraid. RON πŸ˜› ?

    And, haha, yes.

    Antony I’m assuming that since you wrote that request for translation you read Flix’s original post on the subject of buses?!


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