I Had A Dream Last Night

Yes, I did. It was set in space. There was a fantastic vintage clothes shop, which did more hippy vintage and a quite a lot of English rose kind of floral tea-in-the-garden Edge of Love vintage dresses and stuff – i.e. my kind of thing entirely. That bit, I think, was on earth. Although the streets were sandy like you imagine them being in the American West and there was way too much sunshine and the shop was immense. And I was in there shopping with A and his friend who looked exactly like Bill Bailey except scaled down to about four feet tall. Weird. He honestly was like some kind of doll.

And then you appeared and whisked me off, leaving A behind, and me and you and H and M were on some kind of space shuttle number – it went so fast through all these tunnels and exploding out of the tunnels into space – but that’s when I realised it wasn’t really science fiction at all, it was just all the ordinary human dramas played out again, confusion and lies. Completely weird made-up human dramas, but human dramas. And then I had to slam on the brakes and woke up with a massive cramp in my leg. I have never had such a bad cramp in my legs. Sometimes a litle bit in my foot when I’m swimming, but this time, wow. Ow. And all I was doing was dreaming!

I hate my dreams.



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5 responses to “I Had A Dream Last Night

  1. I love dreams. They always come out so weird and in make no sense whatsoever. If I remember them I’m always thinking “what the melons?” because they’re so weird.

    I’m really bad when it comes to waking up in the mornings too – unless I wake up properly I tend to go in and out of sleep, so people can tell me things and I’m not sure if I’ve dreamed them or not. Only happens when I don’t need to get up of course but it’s so odd!

  2. And can I ask… why is this in the “sex” category???!!!

  3. Flix

    Deliberate reference to Butthole Surfers or happy coincidence? If you don’t know the song/band, that sounds rather odd…

  4. I’m afraid I know neither the song nor the band!

    And, Antony, you know how in some dreams nothing happens much and the emotions and feelings you experience are completely disproportionate or downright unsuitable for what’s supposedly happening in your dream? Yeah, that’s why this is in the ‘sex’ category…!

  5. Flix

    ❤ Romeo & Juliet

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