Lasagne & Cake

Today I had to cook for my cell group (church home group, remember?). So I made an apple cake and two lasagnes and I don’t think I’ve ever got as much praise and thanks in half an hour before in my life. And I realised something – it wasn’t the best lasagne you’ve ever tasted (though it was pretty damn good) and it wasn’t the best cake ever (though, c’mon, it was apple cake, it was good, you can’t go wrong with apple cake), but that didn’t matter. I wasn’t doing it for the praise or the thanks, there is just something really nice about caring for people by feeding them and by being a good host or whatever. Not that I was hosting anyone, I was just preparing the meal. Anyway. I have found something I’m really good at and I really enjoy and I cannot wait to do it again. I just, well, love being stuck behind a hot stove preparing good solid nourishing food, soul food, and seeing a table surrounded by some wonderful people and some great friends and smiles on their faces because I’ve made really good comforting decent food. I felt honestly blessed. I cannot describe how happy this simple thing made me, and I cannot believe I’ve so little realised this before. It should have been obvious when I was the one making pancakes last Shrove Tuesday. It should be obvious every time I make a pot of tea for friends. And in some ways it is. And yet I don’t think about how much pleasure it gives me to do these simple practical things for other people, and I’m starting to think I’ve found some kind of niche for myself, and I can’t describe it. Now I’m not scared to go out on a limb and organise these things it’s something I should definitely do more often.

Perhaps for my birthday I’ll have some kind of big, raucous dinner party with candles and stuff out in the garden, cook up a massive summery feast, put someone else in charge of the wine list. Talking of which I’ve still got three quarters of the bottle of red with which I cooked and that was good wine. Surely that’s excuse enough to get inviting people…



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7 responses to “Lasagne & Cake

  1. Jenny

    Heh. Apparently if this post is anything to go by writing is emphatically *not* one of those things I’m really good at. Hope you can all cope with the complete lack of style in this particular ramble and concentrate on the substance?

    Oh and also the one thing I can’t do without getting in a frightful stress is fry-ups (one friend once commented that I have a special Spatula Voice I only use when doing hungover fry-ups and “when you use that voice we bloody well jump to it and do whatever you tell us Or Else”), but…. I kind of love doing those too?

    Maybe it’s just a power trip…!


  2. haha, maybe.

    I’m afraid (and I feel awful about this) I’ll be out of the country for your 21st, which is really bad, because it’s your 21st and all, and I’ll be in Nepal! (Tickets booked)

    Can you forgive me for being such an awful sister? In recompense, I will find and pay for some sort of spa-y massagey place as a present, and the final fulfilment of a long promise.


  3. Jenny

    Clare. Do you want to place a bet on the likelihood of me celebrating my birthday even the *week* in which my birthday happens, let alone ON THE DAY? Well?



    P.S. please feel free to feel guilty enough to take me to some kind of massagey girly haven ANYWAY :P.

  4. Flix

    Come and cook me wholesome food, please?

  5. Jenny

    haha gladly :). If I had the first clue where you lived (at uni) (or indeed at home. I know what county you’re in, or I would if I had any idea which county I was in in late August last year, but yes).


  6. Flix

    Okay, so can I come round for you to cook me wholesome food?

    Day trip to Sheffield? Totally plausible.

  7. Jenny

    That would be genuinely awesome :). I’m quite serious! xxx

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