Seriously, chaps, what is this? They’re changing the rules! Which will allow you to use proper nouns and all sorts and effectively to make words up and put them down. Which if you ask me is a bit wrong. I mean, sure, if you’re playing with small children, you might let that rule slide a bit – the proper nouns one, not the making up words one. If you’re drunk, ditto. And in a friendly game when you’re all running out of tiles we might sometimes go in for if you put down a word that isn’t really a word but plausibly could be and in fact here’s a totally bogus definition you might be allowed that for fewer points or something. And perhaps Scrabble should put down a few optional rules like that to make the game easier for some players. But if you ask me the basic rules as it stands should stick because otherwise it’s just not a challenge any more. I’m not being curmudgeonly, am I?

And I haven’t played actual Scrabble in ages. And I left my set at home. Bleh.



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2 responses to “Scrabble

  1. They’re not changing the rules, they’re bringing out a new version with those rules. So proper Scrabble will stay as it is πŸ™‚

  2. Excellent. Proper Scrabble is a good thing.

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