I think to make it even worse, the option to mute the music would be disabled as well. Also, despite the availability of billions and billions of other excellent timewasting things as applications for iPhone, there isn’t a free one for Tetris. Isn’t that terrible? And if I’m going to have games on my iPhone I think I should have slightly more mentally absorbing games. Having basically never played computer games in a big way, I need ideas here, chaps. I’m bored of those bubble bursting/shape/colour flooding/line-breakery games I’ve got, my crosswords are all weird American idiomic ones (the Times Crossword application isn’t free either) though my sudokus are good. Ideas?



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9 responses to “Hell

  1. If you like wordy games and know other people who have iPhones, try “Words with friends”. It’s a scrabble-type game, which (as the name suggests) you play with friends, over t’internet. Quite good, cos you can come to it as and when you have time.

    If you download it, let me know what your username is and I’ll play against you if you want 😛

  2. I heartily recommend Stick-Stack-Stock, but alas it involves more than one person, and has to be played in the real here and now.

  3. WHAT? You mean there’s not an app for that??!

    I hear out in the Nevada desert they can fly toy planes with iPhones…!

    I detest iPhones. They’re massively overrated for what they are.

    I also have to laugh when I see people with iPhones in the shop. It’s like the people with bluetooth headsets that walk around talking to themselves… Put it down! I can sometimes see the need for a walking info repository, but, the number of people I see fighting with their iPhone to view a shopping list is funny… novelty-app-abuse. Some things pdas are good at, others, nooooooooo…

  4. Mia

    I agree, Antony – iPhones are so overrated. And so are the vast majority of their Apps.

  5. I find having an iPhone really useful because it makes a lot of stuff that I am simply too technophobic to operate on most phones a *lot* simpler and more user-friendly. Would you believe I’ve never before been able to operate the internet from my mobile? Let alone check mail, organise my calendar and Facebook and stuff, and then less ‘useful’ stuff – crosswords, sudoku, silly games, the Bible, etc etc. Personally I love mine and it has changed the way I operate for the better. I’m more organised, paradoxically less glued to the internet, it has Google Maps so I can’t get lost any more, I can check my account balance with NatWest…it makes life a lot easier.

    Meanwhile stick stack stock sounds good – although I guess it might also work over MSN?


  6. “I detest iPhones. They’re massively overrated for what they are.”

    Wow, what a statement. You’ve not used one then?

  7. I love the way the bible falls under ‘less ‘useful’ things’… 🙂

  8. Stick-Stack-Stock does indeed work over MSN – or it should do, so long as your MSN’s not crapped up like mine was when Callan and I tried to play via that means however many years back it was now (!)

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