I Am Always Rather Proud Of Myself When…

…I successfully alter a piece of clothing. Today’s was a maxi dress. It still is. But of course the wrap front neckline was far too low, and one of the straps was ripping at the back when I bought it, and therefore I haven’t yet worn it anywhere, not even round the house. I always thought to myself, when I want to wear it somewhere particular, I’ll alter it, but of course, you want to wear it but you have half an hour to get ready before you have to go and get on your train or whatever, and you don’t, do you, because perhaps actually having a shower is more important, or there are ‘safer’ clothing choices (maxi dresses are scary. Back me up here). So I realised that I’m only ever going to wear it if I can just whip it out of the wardrobe, put it on, and run. So today I mended it. It’s not the neatest mend ever, and I’m sure I could have done something cleverer about making the neckline less low and dangerous, but it looks good enough for what it is, and hopefully now I’ll have the balls one day to walk out of hte house in a large floppy straw hat, sandals, maxi dress and white cardigan, carrying my lecture notes in my bag. Because it is a floaty pre-exam lounging about and working kind of a dress, although that said if I undid my sewing and did it really neatly it would probably do for relaxed formal dress – my cousin’s wedding, say. With those same slightly (slightly? Really, Jenny?) battered old sandals.

Anyway, I am proud of myself. I got round to doing it, and I did it quite competently, and now I could wear it, if the weather were only to cheer up a little. Right now it would look ludicrous to wear a dress, we’re expecting, any moment, torrential rain.


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