Women's Writes

I’m going to copy across the spiel for this wholesale from Shine Out Loud.

Okay, yes.  The grammar above makes me cringe.  But Marie and I tried fruitlessly to come up with a catchy slogan-thing for this and that’s the best thing our brains could find.  It’s a play on “women’s rights,” yo.  Shut up.

As most of you know, the Criminal Homicide and Abortion Amendments bill passed in Utah this last week. When we heard the news, Marie and I were both plagued with the question, “But what can we do?” What can we do to make our voices heard? We don’t live in Utah. We don’t even live anywhere near each other. But we wanted to be able to do SOMETHING. Or simply say something to make everyone aware of what is happening concerning women’s issues and rights.

While some of you may be on one side of an issue and others may be on the opposite side, Marie and I really wanted to ask everyone to come together on one day and write something about an issue that predominately affects women. It doesn’t matter what it is. We would never ask you to make yourselves uncomfortable. But we think it’s important to get those issues out there.

And we all know women have some issues, right?

We’re thinking that it would be really awesome if, on April 5, 2010 (That’s a Monday!), we all posted on issues that affect women. You can choose any topic (i.e. purity rings & programs for girls, sex education, birth control, abortion, abuse & women, sexual assault, etc.). We’ve made a handy button (seriously, HOW does that word always sound dirty to me…) for you to include in your post (grab it from the top of this post, or email me at shine [at] ishineoutloud [dot] com and I’ll send it to you), so it will be clear that we’re all doing this together and such.

Remember, if we don’t speak out, who will? Even in 2010, women’s issues are important and shouldn’t be ignored.

If you plan on posting (I do… probably. Although I don’t quite know what I’ll say) email shine(at)ishineoutloud(dot)com and she’ll post a link on the day.

You know I have some issues with the whole idea of Feminism as it stands today. I am quite happy to admit however that, well, women have a lot of problems. There’s the new bill (or is it law now? Shame on my ignorance) in Utah which would basically criminalise many miscarriages and ‘turns women into incubators’; there are the millions of women who are denied a basic education, there are the rural Chinese villages where it is still normal to kill girl babies in favour of having a son under the one-child policy; there is the issue of ‘corrective rape’ in South Africa and many other places; I could go on. Meanwhile here in the UK you’re beginning to see seriously weird female chauvinism, where women can rule the roost in a department and everyone else fears to criticise them for fear of being accused of sexism when that just isn’t a relevant point; pole-dancing and underwear-as-outerwear and Lady Gaga are supposed to be all about female empowerment (I just don’t know – maybe, maybe not); and I feel distinctly weird and like a bad apple in the sisterhood for wanting not the massively successful career and the promotions and the prestige but actually, just, enough for me to leave work to have children if that’s what I still want in a few years – what I’m saying is that feminism these days doesn’t seem to say much to me as a woman, instead speaking to high-flying careerist types or alternatively to oppressed women the other side of the world when surely the former is, well, a bit old now, we’re getting there, and the latter should surely be of general concern and not specifically labelled as a women’s thing and that’s where people like Amnesty and Oxfam come in, it’s about people, not women.

So there you go. Now I really don’t know what I will say in my Women’s Writes post, except that I will post something because it’s partly about making a stand against the whole Utah thing



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9 responses to “Women's Writes

  1. Interesting. Alas I won’t have the internet on April 5th (but there’s always post-scheduling, I guess).

  2. “oppressed women the other side of the world… it’s about people, not women.”

    If women are oppressed (more than men), why is it not about women? :-S

  3. Jenny

    well, no, my point was that we should care about everyone who is oppressed in one way or another and it shouldn’t just be about women. I just didn’t express it terribly well.

    And yes, ditto on the post-scheduling thing. Guess that means I’ve got to write my post today because then I’m off…!!

  4. “Now I really don’t know what I will say in my Women’s Writes post, except that I will post something”

    I guess you didn’t get around to writing it then 😛

  5. Jenny

    Yeah, I didn’t. I forgot when I wrote that that I was going to be away (still am away in fact) and didn’t have the time to schedule any kind of a post.

    It would be the usual kind of whine, anyway. Currently reading Germaine Greer’s The Female Eunuch so will bring thoughts on that next time I have the time to write!


  6. Heh yeah. I was gonna write about porn, but never got round to it.

    I’ll be interested to hear what you think about The Female Eunuch. Ive not read it but it sounds very interesting.

  7. Flix

    When are you coming back, Jenny?

  8. I *am* back. Sorry for hte break!

    And Dickie, please write about porn anyway 😛

  9. Porn is bad. That enough? :-p

    I will write about it at some point actually.

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