Tell you what, it’s beginning to feel properly like spring. Warm enough that you don’t have to wear a coat to go out unless you’re going to be out late, and the rain, when it rains, is wet, torrential, and very much not the same as winter rain. There are flowers and birds and daffodils emerging and primroses, too, here and there, and I saw some lambs a couple of weeks back, and it’s all highly lovely in a cold, shambolic, English way.

And my brain, conditioned after seven years of our Easter residential course with the orchestra, is fixating on new season spring clothes, dreaming extravagant dreams of linen trousers and nautically striped tops and big sunglasses and skirts and cardigans and, wait, what, shorts? Because we always used to go shopping either just before or just after this course – before, in order to look our best when faced with the serious sartorial competition one faced whilst away (seriously was it a music course or simply the Dorset Fashion Week, little known among celebrities and millionaires and the jet set but honestly no less important?) – or after, because, well, I’m not very organised, so I’d wander around feeling very underdressed and getting all sorts of ideas for things I wanted to buy when I got back, and then I’d go out and buy them, and dream of how at the same course next year I would look so glamourous that all those Fit List boys would fall in love with me. Ah, fifteen, how we miss thee.

Anyway, no new clothes for me, no new anything for me, I’ve done it again, I’m poor as a church mouse. And you should see some of the beautiful things I bought last term. It’s not as if I’m short of clothes, she says, still unpacking, and realising that if she puts things in her wardrobe in categories – dresses here, jackets there, jeans there, and so on – it because fearsomely obvious that she has over twenty dresses. Who needs that number of dresses, unless they’re a drag queen or something? I am so not a drag queen. There’s a bit of me that would like to be a drag king once in a while, but.

I am so superficial sometimes.


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