Home For The Holidays

My parents are getting the builders in, as of Monday. So it’s all very much to the good that I will be heading off to Devon on Tuesday or Wednesday of next week to see my friend H whose parents have got a holiday cottage booked out there. It has a mooring of its own, with a dinghy and a kayak. How incredibly cool is that? I am going to fail epically at both of these things and it’s going to be great fun. I wonder if Sainsbury’s still do those weirdly cheap wetsuits that are probably terrible but equally probably better than trying to kayak in early April in a bikini…!

When I’m going to find the time to visit A as well I don’t know, especially as I’m hearing rumours and plans for all sorts of exciting things where I am, but I am determined. Those barbecues of his are legendary.

And as for the builders? Yes. All the stuff that wasn’t originally attached to the house – the utility room (more of a lean-to, really, it’s very jerry-built), the conservatory, the downstairs loo – is being taken out; the kitchen is being demolished and widened by quite a bit and pushed out further back so it will eventually extend out as far as where the utility room and a bit of the conservatory were. It’s going to be huge. Lots of room for, well, even a sofa, and lots of windows. As well as a far better organised utility room and downstairs loo with a sensible amount of space for boots and another sink.

As if that wasn’t already quite a lot of work the back wing of the house is being rearranged quite a lot. Who needs a bathroom the size of most peoples’ sitting rooms? As well as a shower room? So instead we’re getting another study, so that we will then have a separate spare room, rather than a bed in the study, or a desk in the spare bedroom, however you look at it. And they’re rebuilding the outside wall on that side of the house too so that it doesn’t collapse as threatened.

And on my floor they’re putting in a dormer roof over the stairs and putting a bathroom into the loft. I’ll have my very own shower! I say ‘I’, I know I’m not here much, but.

I’m getting very excited (for which read, ‘prematurely bossy’) about colours and tiles and worksurfaces and things. I can’t wait to have my own house for which to make all these decisions.


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