For Someone So Unfussy About Food…

…for I really will eat more or less anything – I don’t drink much.

Non-alcoholic is tea, coffee (almost always decaff if I have the choice), tapwater. Rarely fruit juice. Almost never fizzy drinks (I had a Coke the other day and immediately wondered why). That’s about it. To be fair, tea can mean anything from China, India, Earl Grey and the like to any number of herbal and fruit infusions so long as they don’t involve chamomile in significant quantities. But yes, there you go.

Alcoholic it’s similarly small. Whisky for sorrow-drowning and mellow nightcap fireside chats (or in bed, if need be, I promise I’m not an alcoholic, functional or otherwise, it’s just that my room gets cold). G&T if nothing else is around or midafternoon a while before dinner but I can’t stand it unless there’s a large slice of lemon and some ice in it. I love ale, as I may have mentioned, of various descriptions, furthermore I’ve never been drunk on just ale, there’s always been some spirit to blame (seriously). Ginger wine – a whole bottle on nights of serious debauchery (not that I go in for that these days) but actually otherwise I often find it too strong these days. Red wine with meals (sometimes) but I can no longer drink white. A very selected number of cocktails. Sherry (alright, yes, you can buy me another cat).

I don’t know, it just struck me as weird that I will eat more or less anything and enjoy most food at that, and yet I can’t stand most drinkable things, or rather, most things that most normal people my age drink. I have to be already quite drunk before I will hastily gulp my way through apple sourz or Carlsberg and I cannot do the vast majority of spirits, rose wine, white wine, anything too sweet in any way. And furthermore drinks have a very specific place. If I feel like whisky, wine or beer won’t do. If I want coffee, tea tastes horrific and water bores me. Based on time of day, mood, weather, the lot.

I only thought of it because cider and Pimm’s are nearly upon us, and I am so looking forward to summer. It’s funny the things that mark the seasons – now we don’t all work the land, it’s things like sunglasses and whether we have salad or potatoes with our meals and whether or not it feels like a reasonable thing to do, to drink Pimm’s, at this time in the afternoon.

In other news, I am home. Hello cats, telly, and the bedside lamps I got for Christmas (they’re really pretty). It’s good to be back. And it does feel like summer, despite the rain (or perhaps because of it – no chance of any of this rain freezing).



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4 responses to “For Someone So Unfussy About Food…

  1. You’ve never been drunk on ale? Wow. You really should rectify that :-p. Go to a beer festival some time, they’re great. There’s one in Cardiff in June that I’m very much looking forward to πŸ˜€

    That said, ale-caused hangovers are a special kind of hell, but the less said the better…

    I’m looking forward to summer too. Fingers crossed the sunny bit lasts for longer than a week this year!

  2. Jenny

    It’s merely that I can’t drink enough ale to get drunk *before* I hit feeling bloated and then sleepy and headachy instead. I have been drunk whilst drinking ale before, because I mix my drinks, of course. A low point may have been ‘depth-charging’ with rum…! And I get *tipsy* (general definition, not Mohan definition, that is) on ale, almost immediately (*embarassment*)

    Ditto, ditto, ditto on the sun front. Fingers crossed :). xxx

  3. lol yeh, that is a problem. I’ve gotten used to it I suppose, so I can ignore/dont notice the bloaty feeling.

    And don’t get embarrassed about the tipsyness. One of my friends at uni (who is 26, so should be used to beer by now) gets drunk – not just tipsy – incredibly quickly. We were drinking some pretty strong stuff the other week (Son of a Bitch), and I’ve never seen someone go from pretty sober to pretty pissed over the course of one pint before! All this is to say that, you’re probably not the worst for it :-p

  4. Jenny

    I don’t think it’s really about being used to it – being used to it makes a difference of course insofaras when I was about sixteen and drinking quite heavily I was less of a lightweight than I am now, but I have always been comparatively not great at holding my drink. Although that said I do know people who can drink far less than me…! There’s a point where lightweightness actually gets classified as ‘allergic’ – does your friend get pretty bad hangovers, too? To be honest, I don’t mind being a lightweight: I know my limits and I stick to them easily if I want; on the rare occasions that I don’t want, it’s not expensive not to, if that makes sense. For future reference, the Mohan definition of ‘tipsy’ is everyone else’s wasted. Although I’m going to bring back ‘stocious’ into general usage.

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