Happy Hangover, Everyone!

I think today is one of those days where it’s near the end of term, there’s mould on the outside of your window, it’s raining, and basically everyone needs a bit of cheering up.

So I give you Old Bear’s Christmas Stories (Part One). I may have put these up here before.

You can also have Maru the Cat because he’s adorable and incredibly funny.

Now I will go and be very hungover somewhere else. Damn you, cheap whisky (the pub I was at last night didn’t have exactly the best selection…).


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One response to “Happy Hangover, Everyone!

  1. Photolosopher

    Eeeeee, MARU!!! πŸ˜€ I love Maru! For the last year, I’ve had a video of him pouncing through cardboard boxes bookmarked on my computer so that I can watch it whenever I’m feeling down. He is the best. xxx

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