Lovely Recent Things

I’m going to make another one of those lists of good things. Because it’s a couple of days since I posted, I definitely had a good idea for a post, and I can’t remember what that idea was, so here’s the happiness list in my life at the moment:

  1. Dinner at A’s with friends and whisky and wine. Simple, convivial, my turn next week.
  2. Planning dinner parties. As for the cooking of them, well, we’ll see.
  3. The kind of friends who let you stay over because it’s late and rainy and you don’t feel like waking up alone tomorrow morning and anyway your shoes have holes in and they’d probably say yes, do stay over, anyway, because there’s a double bed and this is who we are and you can wear my Star Wars t-shirt and my boxers and have the sleeping bag as well as half the duvet because you’re weird, Jenny.
  4. Starbucks now they’ve gone fairtrade (who knew?).
  5. Getting involved in Church committees and the Chaplaincy.
  6. Stravinsky (in choir we’re doing an arrangement by him of four Russian folk tunes with really bizarre words, for four female voice parts and four french horns. Odd, but brilliant, trust me. And in the pub the other day we were discussing headbanging to Stravinsky but thanks to the rather good whisky I was drinking (OK, OK, I broke my lent, I fail) I can’t absolutely remember why. We were playing Scrabble though and I still won, so I wasn’t that drunk).
  7. The Archers, if only because I’m having a premature midlife crisis of some kind, according to H.
  8. Hot chocolate in Cocoa. A once-in-a-lifetime treat, I think, consisting literally only of couverture (chocolate scraps) melted with double cream, thick, gloopy, and astonishingly rich. And lapsang souchong to finish. And good company, or books.
  9. Oxfam. I love volunteering there, it’s one of the highlights of my week, and I can’t quite put my finger on why.
  10. It turns out the Easter break starts a week sooner than I thought. This is absurdly pleasing if only because I half-thought I would be going home an awful lot earlier and now it turns out I’m not (this is linked to that good news I mentioned; if you’ve guessed, or I’ve told you, breathe ye not a word).

Some bad things:

  1. It is actually still snowing on occasion. This is just bloody annoying.
  2. Every time I go to work in Oxfam I end up spending money. This is stupid.
  3. Tea and the kettle are downstairs; I am upstairs.
  4. I am so busy right now that I didn’t get to practice my violin or my cello all week, and how I think I’m going to fit singing lessons into this at any point I really don’t know.
  5. I still can’t drive.
  6. Sometimes, just sometimes, it would be nice to come home at the end of a long day and climb into bed with Someone, just someone to cuddle, to feel loved by, to feel the same in return. Something simple, reliable, and, oh, lawks, contentment. Apparently Uni Town is devoid of people who meet these ever-so-specific criteria (alright, I lie, I am famously picky), or rather, suddenly the whole world is going out with the whole rest of the world and I don’t actually know any single men! Sad times.

So, you know, on balance, the good wins out. I’m just tired today and perhaps a little hungover and hangovers and me don’t get on so well.



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4 responses to “Lovely Recent Things

  1. Photolosopher

    I’m glad the good is winning out πŸ™‚ some of those good things sound very good indeed! I had my own heavenly hot chocolate experience yesterday (see blog for photos of that and the rest of York), and it was wonderful. Also, did we agree on a Wednesday afternoon in general for picture-taking, or specifically this Wednesday afternoon coming up? I am a Useless Person and can’t remember… xxx

  2. *is tacitly excited for you!*

    Ooh, that Stravinsky sounds nice. What is it?

  3. Ah well I’ve got something to say about this, actually. PhD students at one of the top maths schools in the country have been studying this. The results?

    He estimates he has 1 in 285,000 chance of finding a suitable match…

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