Daffodils and Teapots

I like: cut flowers, tea in a pot (preferably leaf tea), picnics and camping and pretending to do both of the above even though you’re actually on your own sitting room floor. I like pretty pictures and I very much like my good friend M, whose blog this is. Formerly known as the Photolosopher, she has finally got her own blog. And if you like letters, postcards, apple crumble, and can’t quite bring yourself to hate the snow however much you grumble about it, you’ll really like it. I certainly do. So – here’s to a new addition to M.A.P.!


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One response to “Daffodils and Teapots

  1. Photolosopher

    Eeeee! Thank you! πŸ˜€ I’m actually working on a new post at the moment, so hopefully things will get marginally more interesting soon… xxx

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