Some Observations, Misc.:

One: It strikes me that it’s quite often the people most lacking in confidence who have the best wardrobes. Who have the pretty tops and the long sweeping maxidresses, the really, really striking clothes, and the cardigans-that-somehow-go-with-everything. This might partly be just because despite their lack of confidence in how they look they possess that innate sense of style that some women have, or it might be because they’re doing all they can to counteract how they feel about their bodies by looking as good as they can, or it might be pure chance, I don’t know. I like shopping and I buy lots of stuff and I have done so for years, and for years I had no confidence either; anyway, just an observation.

Two: I am PMS-ing like nothing else. All crazy and weepy when actually if you look at it I’ve had a great few days, I’ve had some really good news, and things are looking really good right now, but actually I just want to go home and cry and I don’t really know.

Three: I should be somewhere else and I am late.



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5 responses to “Some Observations, Misc.:

  1. C R M

    what’s the good news??

  2. Jenny

    Your face :P. Don’t worry, it’s not for me to put it up here, so I won’t. And before you get all OOH GOSSIP AND SCANDAL it’s neither. It’s actually kind of boring, unless you’re me, I guess, in which case it isn’t :).

  3. I think confidence is what makes you look good, no matter what the actual clothes you’re wearing. It’s in the way you carry yourself. I think some people need to think they look good using clothes and make up before they feel good, but that’s the only link, that feeling good looks good. Because you’re happy, and friendly. Besides, you don’t need crippling low self-esteem to care about appearance; and wearing certain clothing is only a temporary fixer.
    Attractiveness and beauty for me will always be about personality, charisma and confidence, over and above whether or not your jeans fit properly. And I have so many people I care about who can prove this point – people who you meet and think they’re superficially ugly, but after you know them you can;t help but think they’re sexy. After all, everyone has self-image problems and things that upset them about themselves, and thinking that some people don’t is a bit weird and vague to me.

  4. Jenny

    I think you’re right although there are plenty of people who are obviously stunning but just don’t know it.

    Also, yeah, I have bad days, but by and large I genuinely love how I look, honestly. Or at least, I’m always aware that I’m not unattractive. I wouldn’t say there were any specific things about me that upset me about my appearance. The one thing I don’t like about my looks applies to most people I expect – and that is that I somehow manage to look all pasty and wan when I’m not feeling my happiest, and it’s hard to put one’s finger on why but there is a definite and noticeable change in my appearance.

    Oh, yeah, and my fringe if left to dry naturally sometimes looks utterly loopy.

    Anyway. I’m late, I should have left.


    a girl who sets out to take photos of people who are unaware of their own beauty and/or don’t care. I’m not one of her muses… *sigh*

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