Weekend Away

With the church, to Edale Youth Hostel. Beautiful scenery, good company, great food, a weekend of prayer and contemplation and some good thoughts and speeches from Mark Russell, CEO of Church Army.

As usual with my church at times it got pretty intense, lots of prophesying, group prayer and laying on of hands. I think prophesy is very often more like cold-reading, you say something relevant and it sounds like a prophesy, although I certainly believe in prophesy as a concept (I mean, look at the Bible, it’s full of people in the Old Testament predicting things that happen in the New) and I don’t see why there shouldn’t be prophets in this day and age but I don’t think everyone has the gift of prophesy, unlike my church, and in fact I think if anything at all it’s extremely rare and not akin at all to what my church does and calls prophesy. Fair enough. It’s reasonably harmless. I don’t like group prayer either, or rather, it depends who I’m praying with, because I tend to prefer prayer to be personal and contemplative and it doesn’t help me having a youth worker or part of the Ministry Team – i.e. someone who is at best only an acquaintance – praying with me for things which are relevant to my life only and which they don’t really understand, however well they might mean what they say. So I tend to prefer praying on my own or with close friends who understand what I’m praying about a bit better. To be honest I’m terribly British and find the whole thing very awkward because my relationship with God is private and personal and given that I’m not necessarily particularly huggy or tactile as a person, if I wouldn’t normally lay my hands on a person or hug them spontaneously then it feels odd to be touching them or them to be touching me when I’m praying.

Worship got pretty intense, too, but I think I learnt a lot this weekend about how far I’ve come as a Christian and where I want to go and where God wants me to go next. So I’m still worried and still stressed but things are starting to look a little better than they were.

And meanwhile I got out on a beautiful walk with some friends. Photos are up on Facebook, or will be soon, but don’t be too excited, they’re only iPhone quality, however beautiful the scenery… and I can’t be bothered to put them up here…!

So, hello, folks. My, that was an exciting post for you. Now. Food and fiddle practice and I have a decision to make – do I want or need to go to church tonight or would it be better to stay home and relax, preferably with A, H, and a PFW?



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2 responses to “Weekend Away

  1. Ah, I probably shouldn’t comment on this, but I can’t help it:

    The people who wrote the New Testament knew about the Old Testament prophecies; it’s likely they just fudged the details to make it fit. Like the Bethlehem story (that they had to travel to Bethlehem because of Augustus’ census) is extremely unlikely.

    Joseph was separated from David by an awful lot of generations, it’s pretty odd that the Romans would insist on him returning to the city of such a distant ancestor! You’d have half of Israel travelling.

  2. Oh, I love Edale! In fact I love all the youth hostels in the Peak District. Happy times πŸ™‚

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