I Love You THIS Much

If you’re stuck for where to get your cards in the next few months, and anyway you walk into a card shop and you’re just bewildered by all that choice, on this beautiful site you can get free cards, if you print them out yourself, to show someone just how much you care.

I think, incidentally, this is in about as poor taste as you can get, which is probably why it’s the most hilarious of the lot. Although it would be hysterically funny in cases of minor disaster.

Brightened up my day anyway. And, y’know, one in the eye for Tesco, right?



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13 responses to “I Love You THIS Much

  1. Ha! I was sent a photocopy-of-a-printout (beat that, eh?) of the ‘Tesco Value Motivational Poster : Please be motivated’ in the most recent livers-out pack from college.

    I have actually stuck it up above my desk for comedy value if nothing else…!

  2. Did you ever read ‘The Undercover Economist’ by Tim Harford? I love Tim Harford. He made a point in it that Tesco could spend a little bit of money and make Tesco Value range packaging and general marketing a lot more visually appealing, which would make disproportionately more people buy it – so why don’t they? And what he said was that the profit margin on, say, Tesco value pasta is much lower than on branded pasta that costs twice as much. So in designing the packaging so garishly in terms of colour choices, and with such a euphemistic ‘Value’ title, they’re actually trying to (I suppose) shame you out of buying it and into buying the more expensive, obviously far better quality items. I thought well yes, but of course this doesn’t work on students. That’s a lie. It works on students just as much, when we have the occasional bit of money to splash out. By which I mean it works on me. Anyway. I thought that was an interesting bit of the old psychology.

  3. It’s very true; for instance you’ll never be caught dead with Sainsbury’s Basics gin, as it just makes you look like a desperate alcoholic. You’ll spend a bit more and get Gordon’s or something.

    Although, I have had a Sainsbury Basics chicken curry or two, ludicrously cheap and not actually that bad quality. Purely subsistence food, though.

    • Jenny

      Sometimes I have drunk sainsbury’s Basics wine and given that I was expecting either vinegar or paintstripper it wasn’t too bad. The psychology of economics is a fascinating thing – I’ve got a few friends who at least claim to know about wine; I would love to decant basics wine into a bottle from a significantly more expensive brand and see if they pick up on it…! I’ve got a pretty good idea about who would and who wouldn’t, though…! And yeah, I always buy more expensive gin. Only found out recently why I’ve avoided the cheap stuff – it is actually ghastly.

      Anyway, no more drink for me for a while – hello lent!!

  4. With value ranges, there are some things where this is true and there’s very little difference between the value product and the “premium” one. But there are lots of occasions where there *is* a difference. Tesco value meat, for instance. *shudder* (although actually their more expensive meat is barely any better…).

    Point is, it’s not *always* just a psychological thing.

  5. College livers-out packs are compiled by the Livers-Out officer in the JCR (ie. another student) and they’re designed to keep you in touch with what’s going on in college so you still feel part of the college community.

    Some livers-out officers are naturally better than others, but in my latest envelope I received a brief letter from the JCR chair, college election manifestos, the latest Bogsheet, a welfare Bogsheet, and the university Greener Living Guide produced by university central.* And the aforementioned poster. Normally it’s less full than that, but we did also get a fridge magnet with contact numbers on and a recycling guide at the start of the year. And it’s usually one letter per house, but seeing as RF and RM aren’t from the same college, I get one specially addressed to meeee!

    *to be more precise, by J, as it happens

  6. You can tell cheap wine, it’s very noticeable. Drink enough cheap wine and you can start to guess how much it costs from the flavour.

    Also, I’m giving up Lent for Lent.

  7. C R M

    FOr lent, I have given up.

    There. Sorted. πŸ™‚

  8. Jenny

    Yeah since I wrote that I did remember just how much you can tell. I think a lot of people our age are far more pretentious about it than they need to be though; people who are only pretending to know their wine stick out like sore thumbs and it really annoys me – at least I’m honest about not really knowing that much.

    Things like your Livers-Out packs and that whole thing make me really wish we had a collegiate system here! Just because it seems a bit more supportive really. I don’t know.

    I’m giving up alcohol for lent, because it seems like the obvious thing to do. Everyone gives up either alcohol or chocolate it seems and since I enjoy a drink of an evening more than I do chocolate it seemed like a better sacrifice and more likely to teach me about abstinence and blah blah blah. Also it’s a safety net in that if I have failed it’s not unlikely that I’ll be tempted to go and drown my sorrows at the next given opportunity and the consequences won’t be pretty; hopefully by the time Lent has passed the desire to get miserably, wildly drunk will have passed…!

  9. We don’t get Livers Out packs, clearly Trevs > Grey.

    Also I have given up buying knitting supplies (yarn, needles, patterns, the lot) for Lent and it’s harder than I expected. Also I have a feeling that I’m going to replace it with lots of satin ribbon and buttons and felt and things instead, which really isn’t the point. Sigh.

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