I have just had my hair trimmed, which is all to the good. It is now shorter than it was when I originally got it cut short, and I have discovered a few things which probably shouldn’t have surprised me quite that much. The first is, wow, you can see my earrings better, but that’s not that amazing.

What does surprise me is this: the human neck gets cold in cold weather if it is exposed to the elements. Seriously, folks. Would you believe it? I have to wear a scarf, not for decoration, not to keep the front of my neck and collarbones and however much else of my chest my top/jumper exposes warm, but mainly to keep my actual neck, all the way round, warm.


I always sort of wondered why it was that men who were otherwise completely unfussy about fashion and who didn’t own a decent coat would still go around in a scarf, worn over their hoodies or whatever, because it’s plainly not a style choice because it looks a bit silly.

Anyway. Yes. Scarves are pretty essential wear these days. And earrings (on, as previously discussed, the rare occasions upon which I leave the house). My, I’m looking good.


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