I find it interesting that (looking at my blog stats) my most-clicked-upon posts are the ones where I talk about, well, the things you’d kind of expect a student in her early twenties to talk about. The cliches. Love, relationships, getting hurt, more stuff about love, generalised angsting, and also one post saying ‘I’m sorry if I haven’t linked to you yet’. Anyway, I don’t think of this blog as being about me angsting lots about relationships or my feelings or whatever, and I don’t believe that that’s what people think of it as being about (when you think of my blog, what is it that you remember it for?), so it’s odd that even so, these should be (by some measure) the most popular posts.

If you’re wondering, in order, they are:

  1. A Poor Track Record, in which I talk about whether or not at the age of twenty one can really say one is ‘unlucky’ in love.
  2. More Miss Than Hit, in which I weep and wail over the loss of P (I have to say it, I do miss you, whether or not you miss me). This is a far more recent entry than most to these rankings, I don’t know how significant that is.
  3. Fear And Loathing, in which I talk about walking the streets alone at night and (earnest feminist to the fore) should we really be scared of basically all men? Not a million miles away from political lesbianism, this…).
  4. Lashings Of Apologies, in which I apologise for what does and does not yet appear in my blogroll,
  5. Stuff I Have Realised After Watching Merlin, in which I profess not to believe in love, per se (the jury is still out on that one).

So, aside from three and four, it’s all love, relationships, and angst. I’m not like that really, am I? In another quarter perhaps I shall look at all this over again and see how much the rankings have changed. That could be interesting.



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2 responses to “Stats

  1. …Three of my top five posts involve some discussion of drunk people in Durham. I think you came out of that rather well, m’dear. x

  2. Jenny

    haha thanks 🙂 maybe I did. It’s certainly an interesting thing to look at, isn’t it? I sometimes check my stats but only really to look at my views per day and whether that’s growing or what – I don’t look at things like top posts except very rarely – it just appeared as part of my stats module that More Miss Than Hit was doing unusually well, so I decided I’d look into it in more detail!


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