There is nothing going on here. My friends are either not back yet, or they’re working too hard for exams. Choir and orchestra and cell have yet to start up again, as have the other things I’ve yet to join (more on that later). The house is cold, my housemates are stressed, and I am not working well here.

So it shouldn’t feel like a cop-out that later today I am getting on a train and heading homewards, with a lot less stuff than last time, until much closer to my exam. When I get back, I will do the exam, and then we will all have a lot more time for one another, and I will have a social life again. Until that point, thanks all the same, I’d rather have cats, and a warming fire (even if it is only a gas fire) and freeview, and parents, and home.

All in all this year has yet to become all it was cracked up to be.



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5 responses to “News

  1. Adam

    “All in all this year has yet to become all it was cracked up to be.”

    Let’s not forget we’re only 19 days into it – and it’s not a cop-out to return home… Surely it’s best to be where it is that you work best… Just remember when you’re home to actually work and not just get lost in the delights and creature comforts of home…

  2. My flatmates are all busy all the time too. It can get pretty lonely sometimes.

    Personally, I just suck at working anywhere I sleep. Just can’t do it. I may have napped one too many times in my department now for me to even work here. Speaking of, I should go home…

  3. I think that being in a student house can be the loneliest way of living there is, at times.

  4. “I think that being in a student house can be the loneliest way of living there is, at times.”
    Glad it’s not just me who feels like that occasionally…

  5. Jenny

    Oh gosh, ditto. I almost think I’d be happier off in a flat on my own sometimes. Then I’d feel at home there, you know? Rather than shut out, a bit, like you can, sometimes, because your other housemates are all coursemates or share things that you jsut happen not to share, and that’s fine, you’re not deliberately left out, but it is the way it is and it’s, well, yes, the loneliest thing.

    I meant this academic year, tbh!

    I tend to make sure i work in a different room to where I sleep, but I know what you mean, Andy, I guess that’s why I do it (currently in parents’ room at home at the desk in the window whilst my mother works at the other desk… in the other window…!

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