Another film that I have recently watched. Sadly I wasn’t completely awake or compos mentis at the time of watching due to mild inebriation and the fact that I was gradually acquiring one absolute bugger of a headache. Anyway, I enjoyed it, and it was interesting. One of those films that is slightly confusing when you start to watch it and then you feel terribly clever when you piece it all together and then rather stupid when you realise that everyone else got it when you got it too and you have no real reason to feel that clever.

Lots of depression, mental illness, and a possible parallel world, as well as various delusions and things. Those are the themes. It had the feel of a comic-book remake – I have no idea whether or not this is the case – due to the visual imagery and costumery used – some very strong visual tropes and metaphors and some very steampunk styling. Captivating characters, although none of them seemed terribly happy but then I rather feel that that was the point. And a it was nice to see an appearance from Jeff from Coupling (no idea what the actor’s name is, but there you go. Incidentally, on the subject of Coupling, it’s a great show, and furthermore the last series is definitely just as worth watching as the first three despite the absence of Jeff (though it would be nice to have more of a conclusive ending to Jeff’s story – or to see him again properly), very funny, although it makes me worry about my thirties already…!) although also odd to see him being serious and a grown-up.

I can’t really say much more without giving away lots of the plot, but you should definitely watch it. It feels a bit Neil Gaiman or Cory Doctorow somehow, and like I say, dystopic, dark, and comic-book-y, in an entirely good way. I very much enjoyed it. The DVD case compares it to Donnie Darko and other films and I can kind of see why but I’m not sure that that does it justice. Anyway, very enjoyable. Also, Eva Green – beautiful, as ever.



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4 responses to “Franklyn

  1. I’ve just been informed that LoveFilm have dispatched this to me to watch. I added it to my list largely because of this entry (also, Eva Green), so if it’s rubbish I’m blaming you 😛

    Re-reading the entry I realise that I’ve never seen the last series of Coupling. Mainly because I used to watch it in Cardiff with my housemates, and the one who owns the boxset said that the final series was crap due to Jefflessness. Meh.

  2. I hope you enjoy it! Please let me know what you think :). Or blog about it, or something. Is LoveFilm good? I sometimes think about joining.

    The last series is good, worth watching, definitely, and rounds things off well. There are some very funny moments as ever and the replacement character, Oliver, is pretty funny. No, I’d watch it if I were you (Coupling that is, Franklyn aside). I’ll lend it to you if you like?


  3. I thought it was pretty good. You’re right, it is a little confusing to begin with but eventually it all makes sense. Have to admit that it took me a minute to recognise Jeff (well not Jeff but you know what I mean), without him saying/doing something stupid. I’ve watched Coupling far, far too much… I’ll try to see the final season of that; I’d take you up on your offer to lend it except for the whole distance thing…

    LoveFilm is pretty good btw. I think it’s something like £5 for 3 discs a month, or there are other packages available. Their selection is pretty massive too, and it’s always really prompt service. Well recommended if you can think of enough things you want to see to populate your list. And if you ever want to sign up, let me know because I think there’s a way I can recommend people so we both get a month free 🙂

  4. Jenny

    Ooh thank you :). At the moment I don’t feel that I get the time to watch three films in a month! If they had a service that was say £2 or £3 for one disc each month, I might just about be able to do that…! But yes, I’ll take you up on that suspiciously far in the future when I’m no longer a student and therefore (I hope) a little less busy, or at least busy in a more measured way…

    And – glad you enjoyed it. It’s interesting, isn’t it? Very clever how it all ties together. Do you know if it is based on a comic book or something or was it just written straight off as a screenplay?


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