Research? Is That What They're Calling It These Days?

I’m sorry, bad joke, I know.

Anyway, according to the BBC, the G-spot may not exist: ‘the elusive erogenous zone said to exist in some women may be a myth, say researchers who have hunted for it‘. Or for the xkcd take, look here.

What do you think? I don’t know, if I’m honest. I may be a Christian (not that that’s necessarily relevant) but I’m no stranger to orgasm; but that doesn’t mean that this has anything to do with possession (or otherwise) of a G-spot. And as for women who say that you’re more likely to have a G-spot if you eat the right things or exercise the right way… come on. Do be serious. Anyway, it’s certainly interesting.

Oh, and the comments on the Times Online reporting of the same study are hysterically funny. I especially like this little gem:

“As an elderly, nigh past it male, I can confirm from experience gained years ago in the back if my car that there is most certainly in some women a spot inside the vagina discrete from the clitoris that when stimulated causes an intense climax.

And not necessarily in younger women either.

Whether it is the fabled “G” spot fellows I don’t know but its there alright.” (sic).

Why is it that the moment there’s a news story about sex, exhibitionist commenters seem to feel the need to splurge out entirely unnecessary details about their sex lives? For one thing I really don’t want to know what ‘elderly, nigh past it’ men get up to in the backs of their cars, and for another, well, what I may or may not do behind closed doors is my business, thanks, and not yours, internet.



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8 responses to “Research? Is That What They're Calling It These Days?

  1. mikel

    Jenny, you know something – does it actually matter whether or not there is a “g” spot. The whole thing here is you have a heck of a lot of fun trying to find it :o)
    Everyone is different in all sorts of ways, lets face it – it’d be terribly boring and predicatable if we were all the same.
    Some ladies may be lucky enough to have an “overload” button that is just there wiating to be found and presumably pressed, some will need a little more concentration and attention from their partner before the waves come crashing on the beach, train enters tunnel or whichever visual cliche you prefer. Just have fun with the research.

  2. Jenny

    I didn’t write this post in order to talk about my (or anyone’s) sex life as such – more just curiousity as to what people actually think about it. G-spot or no I think most women are capable of orgasm but that’s not what I’m really asking about. It seems like an odd way of going about the research too and perhaps the very fact that they didn’t prove its existence by looking at human dissections (rather than by interviewing thousands of pairs of twins) perhaps goes to show that it isn’t really ‘real’ as such; in which case, what is it, how does this work?

  3. +1 to mikel and +1 to the guy from The Times comments. I can’t believe that people get paid to do research on this kind of stuff, or why people really think it matters…? I’m not sure how interviewing people works as scientific evidence though, that seems to imply there’s some sort of psychological factor involved.

  4. It’s practice. That’s my theory. Even if it is a myth, then on the grounds of comments like mikel’s I’m perfectly happy for it to be one that’s perpetuated. Good call, sir.

  5. Jenny

    Yes :). Train enters the tunnel, though? Not a visual metaphor for orgasm I would have thought of myself… waves I can see, but.

  6. mikel

    Train enters the tunnel, though? Not a visual metaphor for orgasm I would have thought of myself

    ahhh – Has to be a steam train and its when it comes out the other side………..

    just isn’t the smae at all with diesel or electric trains 🙂

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