I am going to do some work, and then I am heading out into the wild blue yonder. Or indeed, the Arctic. Lots of snow here and it’s getting dark, so this should be fun… If my blogs run out after about tomorrow or maybe hte day after then I’ve probably been buried alive in a snowdrift somewhere or my fingers have fallen off with frostbite or something.

Also my room, with its electric heater and electric blanket, is the only warm room in the house, so I’ve got the cat up here for once. Satan Cat likes the radiator because it reminds him of the fires of home. Although in this case, the radiators are all off, so for once, instead of sprawling louchely across the radiator in the sitting room, he’s curled up, tail to nose, on my bed, snoring slightly. I say the cat, we have two, but I don’t know where the other one is. She’s probably got enough fat on her to be safe like a sleeping bag down to -18 Centigrade, so perhaps she’s cosily curled up in the snow. Not that she can really curl up any more, poor fat thing. Anyway, usually there are no cats in this room because, well, the attic, it’s a long way, but today I have one of them. Lovely lovely.

Anyway, best be off working or getting ready or somesuch. Wish me luck!


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