'I Learnt To Knit With Two Pencils And Some String On The Longest Train Journey Ever…'

I didn’t, actually, but have a photo blog. Here is about the third complete thing I’ve ever knitted, completely overexposed due to my camera’s fairly characterful attitude to taking and displaying photos:

overexposed scarf

This photo, by the way, was taken with the scarf on my bed in Uni TOwn whilst I was packing so yes, in the top right, you have a pair of my knickers. Enjoy, all you crazy stalkers of mine. Surely I’ve got a crazed stalker by now?

And here is me modelling it, pretending to be a man because it’s a present for a man, namely A, who commented it looked like ‘a giant knitted tie… in a good way’ (yes, all the men I know have really creepy french villian moustaches, obviously). Actually, when I was a kid I wasn’t terribly good at drawing men that looked like men – because I’d observed that everyone has roughly oval eyes, eyelashes, and lip-shaped lips, all my men looked like drag queens, so when I drew men they had to have various different styles of really obvious facial hair to distinguish them from my women (I hadn’t actually observed that most women have boobs by this point, obviously). Anyway, me in drag (and yes, that is a man’s jacket, but it actually belongs to me and looks pretty damn good over a short dress with tights and heels):

arrogant man

Oh, and for a bit of New Year’s theme, this year I want to knit a long cardigan and learn how to embroider things on knitting with ribbon to create pretty flowers and such. I also want to knit a shorter cardigan and a patchwork knitted blanket and I’ll have to learn to crochet the squares together; and finally I’ve got another cardigan in mind with fancy cable-type work that resembles a rather elegant parliament of owls round the collar. And if I get the time to learn to do a fancy lacework shawl-type scarf that would be truly spiffing. I promise I’m using the term ‘spiffing’ ironically, but it would be a good thing, is all.



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3 responses to “'I Learnt To Knit With Two Pencils And Some String On The Longest Train Journey Ever…'

  1. Adam

    “I promise I’m using the term ’spiffing’ ironically, but it would be a good thing, is all.”


  2. Jenny

    haha ok, you got me 😛

  3. 1. MILES AND MILES OF MOSS STITCH OH GOD THE BOREDOM. I salute you. How in hell did you manage it without clawing your own eyes out?! Also, it looks awesome. Lucky A!

    2. Cardigans take fecken forever. Ask me how I know. Also they cost a bomb in good wool (think ten 50g balls of DK for a waist-length cardi). I am vurry excited that you are partaking in them, however I do fully advise you to invest in a good circular needle and several months.

    3. Lacework is (usually) far easier than you expect it to be. Also you will love it, and if you like (and haven’t already) I’ll show you some of the good moves over coffee and a natter? Go forth!


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