Dear Everyone

Quite often I find myself opening up a new post and having a complete and utter rant for a while about things probably far too close to home, and then I don’t actually post them because there is no use in being a whiny bitch, but having done that whining without telling anyone makes me feel better. What I don’t then do is tell people to their faces what I was ranting about and never posted. So that’s one new year’s resolution for you. I also want to get regular exercise and find a church I’m truly happy with and not listen to anyone else when they say I should like such and such a church or this or that denomination purely on the basis that they do and clearly they are right. If I want to become a Quaker or a Methodist or a Catholic, don’t kill me, OK? I don’t know how likely any of those things are but it is my choice. And I’m still a Christian and surely that’s the point? So I want to stand up for myself a bit more too. And also I want to get a lot more sensible about clothes shopping once I have money again. Currently I can’t really afford new clothes but nor do I need any, so when I do next need clothes I want that to be a case of buying less, and buying things which are better quality, will last longer, and are as not-ethically-dubious as I can manage. I’m also going to bother cooking properly, rather than throwing together some same-old-same-old combination involving probably lentils and vegetables and maybe rice or pasta or something, because I can cook and there’s no need to prove this by constantly baking silly things. And I’m going to do some decent cello practice and do well in this degree, and do you know what? I think actually that all of this is possible, probable and realistic, because I am wonderful like that.

Also, new years. I am going to a party this year and very much looking forward to it. Time was when I expected to go to a party on New Year’s Eve and get more than usually drunk and stupid and probably naked. Last year I went to four parties in a row and ended up having sex in a bathroom – that was fun. The year before that I went to one party and spent the night torn between an extended game of strip poker, and keeping my sister alive and conscious (to my knowledge this is by far the most drunk she has ever been because unlike me she’s a good girl). The year before that I walked to the party I was going to, with K and a bottle of pink gin, and we got quite lost and nearly ended up sitting down on the verge and cracking open the gin and getting drunk and celebrating the new year by passing out all alone in the middle of nowhere but just as we were about to do just that we rounded a corner and there was a house, balloons, and cars we recognised as belonging to our friends, so we went inside and, well, general drunkenness and promiscuity ensued and it was fun. The year before that nothing much happened but there was a piano and I remember ending up in the town square for some reason and bumping into a load of chavs who had been at my school. The year before that I was at home with my family, as I had been for the previous however many years.

Anyway, quite by accident I seem to have got in on the obligatory new year’s posting several days before the rest of you :P. The one aspect of the obligatory new years post that I haven’t done is to provide any kind of overview of the year and how this year was better or worse than the preceeding one or several. But hey, I need to find something else to write about in the next few days so watch this space, I guess…!



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8 responses to “Dear Everyone

  1. Flix

    Is it really sad that I’m really quite looking forward to what I hope will be a round of round-ups of the year? I like evaluative bloggage.

  2. Jenny

    You’re absolutely not hte only one πŸ˜› – I’m exactly the same. Looking forward to yours especially! xxx

  3. Heh, I started my round-up-type entry earlier this evening. It may get split into 2 parts, because I think it might be a bit long otherwise (and that way I get more mileage out of it :p)

    I don’t rant into my blog, but I do write emails to people and not send them. I find it quite cathartic. Also re cooking, this uni-year I’ve started cooking pretty damn well. I’ve always been good but recently I’ve gotten a bit more adventurous. I got a couple of Rick Stein recipe books for Chrimbo and I’ve got my eye on a few things to make when I’m back in Cardiff.

    “Last year I went to four parties in a row and ended up having sex in a bathroom – that was fun”
    I need to go to more parties like this! πŸ˜›

  4. Jenny

    haha i look forward to it πŸ™‚

    It is pretty cathartic but I’d probably do better by actually talking to poeple and telling them where I think they’re going wrong tbh!! Never mind…

    I always cook for myself, but I just make it up and end up eating endless fairly similar meals, when I should sit down with a recipe book and make a shopping list based on that, properly, Just Like Mother Does (except she doesn’t, but I know Mrs Beeton would, or Delia Smith, or something).

    Haha yeah my multiple parties/partners/bathroom sex days are probably over, to be honest! But, well, they were good whilst I still enjoyed them :). I don’t have too many regrets…!!

  5. Flix

    No pressure, eh? I have countless drafts of many untold stories that are really of little interest or too much interest, depending on how you see things.

  6. Jenny

    I expect I’m in the latter camp πŸ˜›

  7. Oh, gawd, round-up posts. I ought to write one, although whether I will or not is another matter. I need to catch up on a week of other people’s internets first!

    Aged 21, I have still never been to a New Year’s party or even stayed up (not counting the millenium). I keep turning down invites to go and stay with my family in the middle of nowhere and go to bed at 10 o’clock. One year…!

  8. Jenny

    Hehe well, you do what you enjoy. My new years was lovely :), in the middle of nowhere, but I didn’t go to bed until three or four (and got woken up by the sitting room clock which started chiming the quarter hours from seven in the morning). Hoorah…!


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