Where I Wanna Be

Since coming home so far I have noticed a dreadful trend: I am behaving increasingly like a Southern Rah. This is not an attractive trait. So I’m going to try and remember all the best bits about Jenny Oop Norf and act like that instead and be a lot nicer about and to everyone.

This is by way of a (hopefully none-too-necessary) apology. I’m also PMS-ing like anything as  I write, so no wonder. I nearly hit some stupid boy on his bike earlier because he nearly slammed right into me and my sister. Bad times.

However, I do think it’s interesting how I change from here to Uni and back again. I am nicer back at university, I think, by and large, and less posh. I make more of a joke of myself when I’m back in Uni Town, though, and that’s annoying. Here I am less tolerant and less helpful by and large, I think, and probably even more of a homebody than I am back in Uni Town. Anyway, today I am not entirely satisfied, and I can’t say why. Do you change from Here to There and Back Again? And how?

Anyway, I think it’s time for a bit of Mumford & Sons and a bit of a tidy-up (yes, this is being written on the 21st and scheduled to go up in a few days, yes I’m really sad like that, but if I have lots of things I want to write, I guess it’s better to space them all out a bit so you don’t get all my crazy tedious ramblings at once, maybe? Or, more optimistically, so you have a daily dose of Jenny, if that’s what you want…?).



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2 responses to “Where I Wanna Be

  1. Yeah, I’ve always found it interesting how I’m different at home to at uni.

    Good choice with Mumford & Sons btw. Good music, shame about all the religious imagery in the lyrics though. I’m listening to lots of Bon Iver at the moment. “For Emma, Forever Ago” is sheer awesomeness.

  2. I get very quiet and slightly ‘drifty’ at home relative to how I am at uni. Distinct change indeed, but its very much still me. Just more reserved than I am at uni, really!

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