You're Living In A Dream World

So, my mother and I are sitting at the kitchen table, at about four in the afternoon, discussing getting my father into town and buying a new coat for him. Currently he goes to lots of meetings in London and so on, wearing his shabby old cagoule, which probably smells of heath and heather and bogs and wind and rain, and doesn’t exactly look good with a suit. He used to have a long swishy raincoat/overcoat (what are they called?) in darkish greyish beige (it was really rather nice) which got rather ripped in the lining and then was left on a train (and he calls me disorganised!).

So my father accepts that it’s probably about time to get a new coat, and asks what kind of coat he ought to have, and mum and I both come down very definitely on the idea that it really should be a smart black wool number. Dad then tells us how he spent ‘just under a hundred pounds’ on his last coat… back in 1995 – and assumes he’ll be doing the same today. He then says, well, it’s nearly half four, we’d better be getting in, the shops shut at six don’t they?

Yes, in my father’s beautiful mental world, it is possible to spend less than a hundred pounds on a good quality built-to-last men’s coat, and to find exactly the right coat in probably about half an hour (once we’ve got ourselves out of the house and into town it’ll be past five by the time we get there). See why I rather envy it?

Mind you, this is, as my mother reminds me, also the mental world in which little old ladies in cars and shopmobility scooters hover at junctions waiting for my dad to arrive in his car, so they can pull out in front of him and dither and drive really slowly just to annoy him.

What’s the world like in your head?



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5 responses to “You're Living In A Dream World

  1. tell your dad (and anyone else male you know) that John Lewis have got three racks of gorgeous men’s suit jackets and trousers, all mismatched, for 25 quid each, down from 120-250 pounds each. get in there. the sizes are all a bit eclectic, but it’s worth a look. Really good makes.

    Plug over. and by the way, Men’s Shopping really can take half an hour. You go in, you see something you like, you see a bunch of other things you don’t like as much, bang. job done. It really is that easy.

  2. Jenny

    No fair! Meanwhile JL tip is a good one and has been duly passed on πŸ™‚

    That said my approach to shopping – when i need a specific thing – is to try on all possible examples of that specific thing in every single shop, in what I think is my size and at least one other size if not hte size either side of mine, until I finally manage to walk out holding probably the third thing I tried on. So… not a half hour job.


  3. clare

    the mental world I currently inhabit says that baking is an acceptable substitution for a social life, and no I do not have to do that essay if I don’t want to, it will get done in my sleep. And also that even if I don’t go near the shops from one year’s end to the other, I shall still have the most beautiful clothes necessary for survival and to impress and stun all members of my social circle (i.e. the oven and the kitchen table)… grand.


  4. Flix

    We live in a dream world, I whistle down the wind, carry on smiling and the world will smile with you….

    I live in a fantasy world most of the time and never more so than this month. I kind of like suspended reality and I don’t really want to wake up yet…

  5. Jenny

    I’m not particularly good at living in my fantasy world; reality is an obstinate bitch sometimes! xxx

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