I'm Going To Stop Using My Blog As If It's Twitter Now

And instead I will say merely that I am home and that this is a good place to be. And I have an iPod, and my journey wasn’t disastrous, and the only pickle I got into was an annoying situation involving several post-menopausal women and a dispute over reserved seats – clearly I am the one to have not reserved my seat because I am young and wearing a parka, and you can just ignore the respectable gentleman sat in your seats and wearing a suit, because he is middle aged and respectable. Sigh.

Anyway. Home. Good. Sleep now.



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2 responses to “I'm Going To Stop Using My Blog As If It's Twitter Now

  1. teacherface

    Ah I know that situation well. And OLD LADY refused to give me MY seat despite ME showing HER MY ticket. I ended up standing in the betweeny bits between carriages for the whole journey. I say we take those yobs down 😛

  2. Jenny

    Oh, I hate them. Never mind the Daily Hellegraph blazing on about ‘yobs’, ‘Asbos’ (when used as a generic term for the people who may or may not (but probably don’t) hold them, not the actual ASBO itself) ‘youth’, and ‘hoodies’, what about the elderly – ‘zimmers?’, ‘COVAs’ (Care of Vulnerable Adults), why can’t we write raging editorials and blistering front-page criticisms of them too?

    In all fairness (oh, wait, this goes for the ‘youths’ too), the vast majority of elderly people are very nice and kind. But some seem to take it as read that they somehow have superiority. If there hadn’t been other seats available I would probably have given up my seat, yes – at least once challenged about it – although I *was* in a very bad mood so *ashamed face* maybe I wouldn’t – but my being young does not equate to my setting out to be a nuisance to these women (and the snide but quieter husband of the older of the two (I think they were mum, dad, and elderly child, on the way to christmas with Other Elderly Child).

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