Undecided About Spots

If there is one thing I really know about, it’s what looks good. I am absurdly confident in my ability to combine colours and shapes in the context of more or less anything to create something that looks nice, be that how a room is laid out, what I am wearing, or what would or would not suit a friend. The problem with the latter is of course giving those opinions. I may be absolutely world-endingly certain that you should definitely not wear that shirt ever again, and certainly not without a skirt, because the colour and cut are just not right for you, and you could find a similar but better shirt somewhere else, but it is kind of hard to say so because it’s not meant to be an implicit ‘you’re fat/uglier than me’ comment. Also my concept of ‘nice’ may well differ from yours. So I’m sorry if you don’t like my mustard-yellow lumberjack shirt, but it’s ridiculous and I love it and I love how it drapes over my body like [insert item of muslim women’s clothing here, I don’t know enough]. I like making things look nice, I can do it for myself, and I’ll gladly do it for my family, picking out paint colours or outfits as required. So, damn you all, I know what I like, and I know what suits you, and from now on, if you ask me, I will tell you, because actually, I enjoy doing that. I enjoy picking out things – this would suit you, that wouldn’t, why don’t you wear that necklace with this dress, those jeans would look good on you, must you honestly wear those shoes?

Wow. Listen to me. A few months ago I couldn’t give opinions about anything for toffee; I was addicted to caffeine and cigarettes and I drank too much far too often; I waited to be invited rather than getting in on the organisation myself; I would rather give up on a friendship than make the effort, I never ate breakfast, and it would take me one long harrowing all-nighter to pack for the holidays. And now you can reverse all of those statements. I love breakfast. I usually drink decaf. I felt sick the last time I tried smoking. I am organising people and giving opinions and I love present-shopping and I can’t remember the last time I felt properly drunk or did anything I wouldn’t do sober, and I am currently watching Coupling (which you should definitely watch) and packing sensibly, and simply, I am very happy, for very little good reason.

Oh, and if it dares to snow and cause my trains tomorrow to be cancelled I will be just so impossibly cross. Now, I think, it’s time to cook.



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2 responses to “Undecided About Spots

  1. mikel

    do you need a good reason to be happy? The happiest happy to be is when there is no good reason to be happy – if that makes any sense at all.

    Incidentally i think regardless of what you think I would definitely NOT look good in a skirt, regardless of the shirt that goes with it. (I will confess to having worn the kilt in the past but that definitely is NOT a skirt :0) ) As for the necklace – well it would have to be bluejohn or jade, nothing else would do, except perhaps a large piece of shiny clear carbon!!!
    I hope your train runs on time and perhaps more importantly have a wonderful xmas and new year.

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