I Have Spent My Day Procrastinating, Yes…

…and in a day of watching Coupling, wandering about the internet and listening to things on youtube, this is by far the best thing I’ve discovered all day. It’s damn cute and very funny and the cause for which it is propaganda is a good one. Namely things you can do to provide a home for wildlife in Britain as every year there is less and less wild natural habitat and every year many species of animal, bird and fish in Britain get a little bit more rare. What can you do? Now, back to that damn packing…

P.S. I was just looking at a fan page and one of the other fans, on facebook, had a picture of him having sex as his profile picture. Woah. Wierd. Even if his employer is All Hot Strippers (yes, I stalked him, and no, needless to say I am not a ‘fan’ of anything else of which he is also a ‘fan’).



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2 responses to “I Have Spent My Day Procrastinating, Yes…

  1. Flix

    What was the fan page that you were a fan of?

    Packing is one of the worst things. Also, I laugh at the fact that every time I check, there is a new blog to be read 🙂

  2. clare

    the mouths on the robins freaked me out, and I wish that they could have made it look like the animals were actually playing the notes we could hear, but I loved the dancing owl and that video made me happy.
    So there.


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