Joys of Facebook Stalking No.3

This is a nicer one.

Watching the younger siblings of your friends – or indeed younger people in general who happen to also be your friends on facebook – turning from young teenagers, to gawky sixteen-year-olds, and blossoming into beautiful young adults, healthy, wealthy and wise, doing all the things you remember doing, going to houseparties in beautiful dresses and gradually turning eighteen and being seen out on the town, back when it was still exciting and worth dressing up for rather than This Is Just What We Do and Damn You I’ll Go Out For The Night In A Tee And Shorts And My Brogues If I Want Thank You Very Much All The Same.

It’s really bizarre seeing girls I think of as little children figuring out who they want to be as adults, and weirdly, I feel really rather proud to see them all growed up. And startled by their elegance and poise, it’s almost intimidating, was I already like that at their age? And then, weirdly, I think yes, I probably at least seemed as sorted as they seem, even if I wasn’t, actually.



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2 responses to “Joys of Facebook Stalking No.3

  1. Flix

    Ha, I remember going to my friend’s 18th birthday party as a world-weary and wise 20 year old. It’s odd, because although I thought I might envy her youth and opportunities, I didn’t. I didn’t want to be turning 18 again, I’d done that. I was quite happy spending time with a couple of close friends at the party, catching up and chilling out in a way that didn’t involve being half-naked in a jacuzzi


  2. Jenny

    I don’t envy them at all πŸ™‚ I’ve been there, done that (although…half naked in a jacuzzi? Clearly you went to classier parties than I!) – and I know it isn’t quite how it looks from the outside, however much fun some of it might be. You might finally look like you know what you’re doing, but you still don’t. And I wouldn’t say I was world-weary and wise! Just a little more world-weary and a little more wise, but still… pretty fresh-faced, tbh πŸ™‚ nor would I have it any other way.

    Time to bake cookies.


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