A Trip Into Town

Discovered a new vintage shop, didn’t actually buy anything in there except a belt for £2 – well done, Jenny! (I seriously wonder how I did this. I’m a little bit amazed at myself).

Went on to poundland for L’s secret santa presents. And then Wilkinson’s for some fun new thing for my house. Is it really sad that I really, really enjoyed my little trip round Wilkinson’s? There were some things the house really needed, like new lampshades for the hallway and sitting room, and a second bathmat for the upstairs bathroom (we only have one and when that’s in the wash we have to use a towel, and the room seems permanently a little bit flooded). And finally, finally, finally I have hooks on the back of my door, becuase I bought some over-door hooks from Wilkinsons. I think I possibly prefer these to having hooks screwed into the door merely because I have no less than five double hooks on my door now, which, for someone like me, with a permanent and confusing circulation going on between my dressing gown, two coats, the jacket I wear most often, a towel, and about a billion scarves (the wardrobe door had just ceased to cut it), is just about the most wonderful thing to happen thus far in this room. I lead an exciting life.

The only problem with these hooks is that they’re slightly too thick for the gap between door and door frame, which means that to fully shut my door I have to take the hooks off. It’s a mark of how much I love these hooks that I’m planning on just leaving the door ajar all the time. I am not a door-ajar kind of a girl. But I am definitely, definitely not a coats-all-over-the-floor kind of girl either (what? don’t look at me like that. No, don’t! My room last year… you were definitely hallucinating. And as for the tent? Don’t you dare pin that on me! Stop it!) to the point where I’d probably rather my housemates accidentally saw a three inch slice of my naked body. You know it’s beautiful.

I also acquired two new cushion covers as a Christmas present from my mother. I’ve put them on my bed already because, well, because. Otherwise I’d have bits of cushion kicking about on top of the wardrobe which would just be annoying and isn’t really my idea of a gift, to be honest – ten days of annoyance? Definitely not.

And… get this. I’ve actually pretty much decided what I’m getting and for whom I am buying presents this year. I feel so accomplished! And…(what?)…not in the least bit nervous. Crazy times.

I could probably have saved my breath for the last two words of the title of this post. Hope you enjoyed the crazy trip through my head… . Which seems to mainly consist of excessive joy about door hooks. Strange.


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