Postcards from No Mans Land

Look! I went to MUSE:

Apologies for quality of image - I'm sure you've heard me bitching about my camera before...!

Where there were all kinds of crazy effects going on and lights and stuff and even from the back of the stadium the whole thing was mindblowing and when can I go again please please please? Sorry about the camera – there are a million things wrong with it and it wasn’t even a particularly good camera in the first place; the shutter is broken, the whole thing is a little bit…sandy, the zoom doesn’t work any more, or at least only sporadically, and the screen is broken. But I am a student, and I am waiting for the day when I can afford something really good, so I’ll stick with my compact for now, despite its limitations.

I also got my hair cut by my housemate H and here is your chance, dear reader, to find out what I really look like. I feel like I’m taking a bit of a risk here so i’ve put a black strip over my eyes in paint like I’m some kind of prisoner or something…

Before H very bravely manned the scissors it was (back in the summer) about a foot longer!

So, there you go. Me. Photos. Here’s hoping this works!! I quite like this photo-blogging thing so if there’s anything else I promised photos from before, please shout out or email me or something…! Now I’ve finally got it working (and it wasn’t me being stupid (for once) there was something wrong which, very kindly, Martin worked out and sorted for me)! So welcome to a whole new technicolour era here at On The Brink!!



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3 responses to “Postcards from No Mans Land

  1. Flix

    PHOTOS! EXCITEMENT! Oh, I’m sure there’s lots of things that were promised pictorial evidence once upon a time, but the moment’s passed…

    I like the hair πŸ˜€

  2. Jenny

    well, there will be more photos in the future, promise πŸ™‚ And I KNEW you’d be first to comment!! xxx

  3. clare

    I wish you’d finish your damn brackets!

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