People Tree…

…are back on form. Here is their site and here is a cardigan I want (in the grey, not the black), more than (currently) anything else in the world. Although I also lust after this, that, and the other. Including, for their absolute minimalist simplicity, the underwear they sell.

On the subject of underwear, big tip-off for flatchested girls forthcoming, in fact now, because I have found a bra that makes me feel beautiful and sexy and attractive for the shape I am. No padding or underwiring, just blackest, laciest lace. I neither feel like a freak of nature who must be appeased and assimilated with sofa-like reams of padding, as if my body is in some way mutilatedly wrong; and nor do I feel like I’ve accidentally become six years younger and am back in my schooldays being sold awful training bras with jolly packaging and ‘cute heart detailing’. In fact there’s a whole site that does a lot of reasonably good bras for people like me at prices I can (by and large) actually consider, and it does a pretty good job as a rule, although their idea of what kind of underwear you might wear on your wedding day is somewhat different from mine (lust lust lust. Some day I will rob a bank or marry someone a darn sight richer than I shall ever be; but I think this is probably the kind of lingerie that doesn’t really get much wear…).

And quickly back onto the subject of ethical clothing, I hope you all know about Ascension, because I’ve mentioned it often enough!

That’s all for now…!



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5 responses to “People Tree…

  1. Simple knit cardi with embroidered flowers? You know what I’m gonna say… x

  2. Jenny

    haha yes you’re quite right – H and I have had this conversation and decided that we’re going to do just exactly that – we’re going to start by knitting double knit scarves and then practice embroidering them and then i’ll do the same with a cardigan and it will be *perfect*.

    and, wow, that’s pretty cool πŸ™‚ just to make your knitting on the train *even* cooler and more portable.


  3. Pretty Dresses? You know what I’m going to say as well!

    I do love Oxfam Boutique as well – we’re lucky in Durham to have one of the two stores outside London. I particularly love their ‘Reinvented’ range, where old donated garments that nobody wants have been cut up and the fabric stitched into new clothes. I have long thought that one of the best ways of sourcing fabric is to go to charity shops and arm myself with a pair of scissors, and when I have time, and a job, and can sew to my heart’s content that’s exactly what I’m going to do! And then I won’t feel guilty for buying new material when there are already so many clothes that have been made in the world.

  4. clare

    what about those who list to starboard? s’a damn nuisance. and according to ethical sites I’ve looked at, they prefer you to be more flat-chested than I am… shame.

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