More Farinaceous News

Actually, strictly, not necessarily farinaceous news at all, actually, because I’ve just looked it up in order to find out how to spell it and it turns out that ‘farinaceous’ does not just generally mean Stuff You Can Eat, it refers to the stuff in question containing starch. No word on the edibility or otherwise of such stuff. So I very much doubt it stretches to drink, and this post was going to just exclaim a little bit on the wonder of a cafetiere of (these days, decaf) coffee along with a bowlful of porridge and a sudoku (or, if you’re really lucky, a back-issue of the Style magazine from the Sunday Times, courtesy of H’s wonderful parents. That is one of my favourite ways to get my caffeine. Or, you know, not get my caffeine, but get my coffee experience anyway.

I also like tea in general, especially (for some reason) when I’m actually working – doing work and sipping on a tea is (in my apparently premature middle age) one of the best things about my daily life at the moment – the amount of time I get to spend working whilst sipping something hot – ordinary builders’ tea, PFW, hot chocolate, hot milk, you name it (P.S. try stirring a spoonful of Nutella into hot milk. Best hot chocolate I’ve ever tasted).

Oh, actually, on the nutella front: get some toast. Get some nutella. Apply liberally. Get some blackcurrant jam. Apply less liberally. Cut into bitesize quarters and you have the least practical, messiest study time snack ever. But it is so worth it. Very simply before the discovery that nutella and jam were made for one another, my life was very literally not complete. I need some more nutella, though.

There are many reasons why I’ve never got into posting recipes up on my blog as some people do. The main one is because my average supper consists of a dish my housemates have christened Lentils And Shit*. But I’ve just been given another reason why I don’t write a cookery blog, and this is it, and you should read it, because I hear stories about Marcus’s cooking (and you already know you like his writing). I hear legends. And yet he’s a student, so he has the same kind of economic constraints as the rest of us work with. The other reason would be that I undercooked yesterday’s aubergines and I think that’s probably why I feel ill now. That or my epic gym session yesterday afternoon/evening (don’t look at me like that – ‘afternoon/evening’ does not mean that it was both, merely that I don’t know whether 4-6pm counts as afternoon or evening. Darlings, I am not getting obsessed, fear ye not).

*Obviously I am not being literal when I say ‘shit’. It’s like when I say ‘Everything In The Fridge Curry’, I don’t mean that this packet of minstrels and that tinful of coffee, a bottle of milk, ketchup, mustard and twelve eggs are going in along with all the vegetables I own (I probably don’t even mean ‘all the vegetables I own’). Actually, Everything In The Fridge Curry hasn’t been done for a while. Oh, and I can cook properly as well as adopting this wild gung-ho supermarket-sweep type approach! Anyway, back to Lentils And Shit. The only difference, night by night, is the shit – onion, garlic, aubergine, raisins, spinach, more garlic, whatever. And the flavouring – if you have mushrooms and green peppers add soy sauce and ginger, if you’re going aubergines then curry powder works quite well, you know these things. It’s mainly because I somehow seem to own a lot of lentils, but I’m nearly out of them now, and then I can branch out into different and potentially more exciting food.



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3 responses to “More Farinaceous News

  1. mikel

    Lentils and shit – you make it sound so very very appetising :o) Actually thats one recipe I wouldn’t try – there are far too many greenhouse gases around as it is without me adding lentils to the mix, nuff said.
    I have to admit at uni I was an exponent of minimalistic cooking – in my case it was how many things could you cook using as few pots as possible. Tinned meatballs in gravy with baked beans, chopped onions – one pot, one fork and no plates. Perfect. Saves so much on washing liquid, hot water and effort. Fortunately my tastes and I have moved on somewhat from those heady days – if you add some coleslaw to the mix that makes it quite interesting and gives some texture to the dish . You can miss out the meatballs from that mix as well and it still tases nice 🙂 Seriously I have moved on somewhat and do cook properly these days but the coleslaw does make a nice mix with the b. beans – esp on baked potatoes.

    Tea you know I like from a previous lurker post and I have not got used to drinking cold(ish) tea – as I also like to sip it while I work, the trouble is that if I get into something interesting or needs serious thought I forget about the tea and take a sip 30 or 40 mins later when its cooled right down – urgh.


  2. I do a very good variety of Lentils And Shit! Fortunately everyone in my house eats it, which is a pleasant change from the previous two years. It does, however, mean that we get through lentils like there’s no tomorrow.

  3. Jenny

    Lentils are weird like that. You think you have billions and then they’re all gone…

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