Dreams No.2

This is actually about dreams of things I would like to do with my life and not stuff I’ve thought whilst asleep and not accountable for what happens in my head. So here is a list, ranging from the mundane to the definitely-never-going-to-happen-but-wouldn’t-it-be-nice, of things I’d like to do some day, outside of the whole career-marriage-kids-die-happy thing. I’ve probably done a post like this before but it’s probably changed a bit, and I felt like writing this list, so here it is:

  1. Learn to knit well enough that I can knit exciting clothes for myself and (sorry, kids) my maybe-some-day children (they’re going to hate me).
  2. See a rocket being launched (albeit from a certain distance).
  3. Travel round the world without going on a single plane (this is not particularly likely)
  4. Be able to draw people that look not only like actual human beings, but also like the people they were originally meant to look at (to this end, I’ve joined the Life Drawing class at my university).
  5. Know about wine – what’s good, what’s bad, what’s better, what those strange words mean, what goes with what, and most importantly, what I do and do not like (in slightly less vague terms than ‘this is nice’ or ‘this tastes cheap’).
  6. Know one end of a camera from the other (ditto joining PhotoSoc). To be fair to myself I am my mother’s and grandfathers’ (yes, both of them) daughter/granddaughter insofar as they are all (or were) good and interested amateur photographers (my grandda does the photos for the Peoples’ Theatre in Newcastle and still develops the films himself in his darkroom behind the kitchen); and I’ve taken some not completely terrible shots in the past, but I would like to know more about the technical side of things rather than just be baffled as I am at the moment by all the strange numbers and symbols and moving parts on my grandfather’s old manual or the various DSLRs I’ve managed to get my hands on in the past.
  7. Pretty-much-always be part of a half decent orchestra/choir.
  8. Learn to sew and make my own patterns (because I like very few of the patterns you can buy in the shops because they don’t appear to be designed by anyone who really knows what’s going on in fashion right now – so I don’t know where Lucy gets her patterns!
  9. Some day get a solo in the university chamber choir.
  10. Learn to ski (seriously it looks fun and also I’m kind of embarassed that I can’t – it seems that everyone has been at least once and I don’t want to end up doing a Bridget Jones (although I’d be far better dressed, all sleek in all-black minimalist awesome skiing…stuff. Whatever people wear when they’re skiing) and making a fool of myself; it just seems like one of those things I ought to be minimally competent at).
  11. Make a creme brulee – I don’t know why, I’ve just always wanted to try.
  12. Have singing lessons and get vaguely good at this whole singing thing.
  13. Go and buy lots of clothes in London next time I have money (Camden, Portobello Market, Oxford Street, and the rest. Perhaps I should go on a minibreak for one).
  14. Climb all the Munros (mountains higher than 3000ft in Scotland)
  15. Learn the first Cello Concerto by Schostakovich.
  16. Go back to That Hamlet Near Morfa Nefyn (I can’t remember what it was called) on the Lleyn Peninsula, Wales – unbelievably stunning even in the rain.
  17. Have my entire wardrobe consist either of things I have owned since forever or of things which I bought second-hand or sourced ethically (and be able to afford things like this)
  18. Be able to paint/draw and be pleased enough with my efforts that I can stick ’em up on my walls in frames and such. I would love to know how to handle oils well but I’ve lost the confidence I had as a child/young teen so I’ll work my way up from pencil and charcoal slowly, thanks!
  19. Have a book published (why not? you know this blog is beautiful :P)
  20. Habitually sometimes cook from a recipe – and an interesting recipe at that. Yes, I can make up delicious food from scratch using only lentils and cabbage and taters, but I would like to have to arse around for days finding a deli that stocks asafoetida or something, and then do finicky little things with this or that ingredient, and then unveil a dish of something so unbelievably perfect that it makes you almost cry, matched with the perfect bottle of wine (see no.5), and followed by a melt-in-the-mouth have-more-than-three-spoonfuls-and-your-heart-will-stop dessert. Preferably served with candles and Mr Right and not much else.
  21. Live in London for a while.
  22. Go to the Proms once in a while.
  23. Go to bed every day feeling that I have accomplished something (I like that feeling in my life at the moment. I may be incredibly stressed but I like that I am getting things done)….

…which means I should get off the laptop now and go and do some more work. Is there anything I’ve forgotten?



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6 responses to “Dreams No.2

  1. Those are some amazing dreams. Stick with it!

    Stopping by from 20SB.

  2. #19 – “Everyone’s got a book in them, but in most people’s cases, that’s where it should stay”.

    Just teasing! What subject would you write on?

  3. Jenny

    Put it this way: it’s possible you’ve already read quite a lot of it, your friend James might find it helpful, it could do with a lot of editing, but I do already have interest from editors.

    If not, publishing a paper on Epic Scientific Discoveries I Have Yet To Make would be a good start!

    Also, glad you like it, Krysten!

  4. Jenny, editors, really?!

    Vis-a-vis #8, at some point in the future you and I should get our heads together and have a good ol’ natter! The short answer is that it takes a bit of time investment, but is well worth it (when of course you actually have the time, that is..)

  5. Jenny

    That would be great πŸ™‚ although I also need to acquire a sewing machine…! I have ideas in my head. Also I want to make this dress but I don’t know if/when they’ll be selling the dress/pattern (I think I’d make it a bit longer possibly anyway…!) and I certainly wouldn’t know how to go about constructing a pattern…! beyond improvising frantically with an assortment of disastrous muslins made from cheap-as-chips primark sheets (BAD Jenny)! xxx

  6. “mountains higher than 3000ft in scotland”: what ???

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