We Didn't Get Burgers In The End…

So I decided I’d go for lentil burgers and potato wedges. I say this, what really happened was that I boiled some lentils and potatoes, steamed some cabbage, didn’t have any bread, fried the potatoes with garlic salt and chilli, half-arsedly mashed the lentils and slopped them into a frying pan with no binding or anything other than more garlic salt and chilli, and tipped it all onto a plate. How did ‘I’m cooking tonight’ turn into throwing the first three things I found in the kitchen into a variety of pans and hoping for the best?

When I turn my mind to it, I can cook pretty well. I know a large number of ‘dishes’ off by heart; I can follow a recipe and create something delicious, I like baking, I like cooking, I like preparing and eating nice food. At least I’m no longer surviving on tinned tomatoes and chocolate, but seriously, what happened?

Anyway, I am in the library and today’s menu has consisted of porridge, a wrap, a cookie, and a cup of tea, because I have been in rehearsals or the library all day and can’t actually remember what the outside world looks like any more. How I shall ever find my way home I do not know.



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3 responses to “We Didn't Get Burgers In The End…

  1. To my mind that kind of cooking is, once in a while, fantastic. just making something edible out of whatever you can is actually quite a skill, even if it doesn’t feel that way. breaking through the mental barrier of ‘i have nine ingredients, none of which make a meal in any combination’ just occasionally comes up with something that you’ll keep in the back of your mind as a short-order solution for the rest of your life. lentil-potato-spicy burgers sounds like a great snack. you can always refine the recipe next time, add some different spices, (try somthing african or middle eastern – ras-el hanout powder or one of those pre-mixed jars of spices you get at the supermarket) or work out exactly what to do to bind them together (i’d suggest draining the lentils and mashing the potato and shredded cabbage into them, along with salt, pepper and some chilli powder or curry spices, then forming them into patties and frying them).

  2. Jenny

    This is usually my approach to cooking full stop – but usually I have more ingredients to hand and because I’ve always cooked alongside my mother I can throw together a handful of things quite well (to be fair, bolognese, chilli and moussaka are pretty similar to start with, with the addition or absence of chilli, aubergine, and that weird moussaka white sauce that I love but never bother making). Also I usually have in my cupboard, no matter what, onion, garlic, tins of tomatoes, random vegetables, so that’s usually my fallback.

    To be fair my lentil things tasted damn good. Different spices might be fun next time but chilli and garlic salt was good if basic. You’re right though – throwing all those things together with potatoes and cabbage as part of the so-called burgers might have been excellent.

    And meanwhile I have been getting into ‘proper’ cooking with recipes and shit, almost by accident – I had three unopened bags of lentils because I used to store half my foood in my room and half of it in the kitchen last year so I coudln’t keep track of what I owned, so when I unpacked my dry stuffs box this year I found a lot of lentils and have therefore had to break away from lentil soup/lentil and apple daal and look up Other Interesting Lentil Things and have learnt quite a lot on the way (pilaf with rice and lentils and raisins and stuff is good, especially if you add toasted pine nuts, especially *especially* if you stir in some spinach right at the end so that it just wilts). Oh I feel like a *proper* cook now. This is good :). Also a very nice moussaka was made with lentils recently. But I can’t remember so much about what i did there. (yeah, so I looked up recipes, but then I thought, well i don’t have this so that’ll do quite nicely instead… until what I cooked no more than barely resembled the *actual recipe*).

  3. I love cooking. Mostly because I love eating nice food, but I’m finding more and more that I’m enjoying the making too. It’s always really satisfying when you improvise something and think afterwards “hey, that was pretty bloody good”.

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