Going To Be Hot.

“OK, now, we have some serious decisions to make”

“About food.”

“Yes. First off, do we want savoury or sweet or both”

“Both. I’m seriously craving potato wedges, we could make those and then make chocolate crispy cakes and also have barbecue sauce”

“Yes but I want something with my wedges; we could get burgers”

“Burgers that are hot or burgers that are going to be hot?”

“Going to be hot. Also, I have bacon and cheese so we could have bacon cheese burgers”

“Plan. Because you have bacon and cheese left over from last night, so we could have bacon and cheese burgers, right?”

“That’s what I just said”


Conversation turns to pudding.

“well, desserts are always on offer at the [corner shop].”

“I thought we were going to get cornflakes and make chocolate crispy cakes”

“Yeah but I was thinking as well.”

“So we can eat chocolate crispy cakes as a kind of starter for pudding?”.

I love J. We are also half-planning on going out tonight, to the least lovely place in town, because it’s cheap – we have no major sorrows to drown, and I’m ‘drinking, not drunking’, so we’re planning on “maybe…bathing our sorrows a little bit?”. We’re funny.


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