If the dream is a translation of waking life, waking life is also a translation of the dream

– Rene Magritte

Dreams are pretty interesting, aren’t they? Who appears in them, and who doesn’t. I know people who believe that dreams can tell them about the future, that dreams can tell them things in general. Dreams can surely only tell you what you already know, if you look at it the right way. Dreams are a way of reshuffling what you’ve experienced and processing it and turning it into a crazy adventure involving naked parcours or treetop monkeybusiness, skydiving, characters who are a surprising (and surprisingly resonant) amalgamation of several people you know, encounters with people you’d thought long forgotten. Sometimes I hate my dreams but I don’t seem to get nightmares – or at least Nightmares – any more; and meanwhile opening a greasy spoon cafe in the North Pole probably says nothing to me about me but it’s pretty funny (‘I don’t mind, you know’…what?…’I mean, they’re polar bears, they probably don’t need teaspoons’ – yes, I talk in my sleep).

Anyway, I need sleep or more beer. Not sure which.



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4 responses to “Dreams

  1. clare

    Like the dream I had the other night, whereby doing an HCYO concert in a multistorey carpark (which was simultaneously a carpark, the Rudolfinium, a garden in which we played in Italy, AND the Anvil but all in Winchester…) precipitated a breakup between W and me. And while this was occuring I was also yearning to go and explore an underground candle shop which was also a cave and also a lake and a restaurant. So I didn’t really notice, or mind, until halfway through the concert. When I was perched on a bit of plank in this carpark and I suddenly thought “oh shit…”

    Odd dream. I’d like to see someone explain THAT.


  2. Jenny

    places always morph into other places in dreams. the fact that the setting was meant to be Winchester probably says something about your feelings about the place, meanwhile you’re worried that you and W will break up – and also it reflects your less-than-straightforward feelings about such a break-up. xxx

  3. clare

    so i shall stay away from subterranean cavelakecandlerestaurant shops in future…

    stoppit with the psychoanalysis…


  4. Photolosopher

    I remember my class briefly studying dreams in an A-Level Psychology lesson, and we all had to say what our most recent dream had been so that the rest of the class could analyse it. Unfortunately, my most recent dream had been of an anonymous man milking giant badgers in my living-room… We had more trouble with that one than my friends’ fairly straightforward ‘flying’ or ‘running away’ type dreams. But also more fun.

    I like dreams. 🙂

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