I've Never Wanted Something Rational…

OK, we’ve all got used to the concept of the song that makes you cry – mine is ‘Chasing Cars’ by Snow Patrol – and that’s fair enough. You’ve all got one.

Question is, have you got one of these: the song that makes you sad now because it used to make you happy? I got into Alanis Morissette just after I got into not-being-single.*So I was happy, and don’t deny it, we were, and yes, perhaps this song took how I felt further than I actually felt (Hello, appalling grammar!) (I never said I was in love, after all, but then, I never have, and it’s not as if Chasing Cars is really an accurate reflection of my feelings when really I’ve just had a slightly bad day and would like some nice sad music on the bus please-thankyou-bye) and perhaps it only described one facet of my feelings, but anyway, it always brought a smile to my face. Although musically I don’t approve of some aspects to it – like the way the chorus ends, or the fact taht the tune is the same thing over and over again – but I still like it for being all ‘woah. I’m happy and you’re actually a nice decent human being and, seriously, what?’ which is roughly how I felt at the time. Now, of course, I’m single again, and someone handed back my Bitterness Licence. (Alanis, be careful, he’s probably a douche, because – and I’m a single woman so it’s practically my biological and evolutionary imperative to say this – all men are bastards really). Except, and I’m going to betray the sisterhood here a little bit, sometimes they’re not. Sometimes it just doesn’t work.

Anyway I didnt’ mean to go into pseudo-emotional ramblings. This song used to make me happy, so now it’s a little bit poignant, but I did just spend a million years in the gym and I feel great and now I should go and do some work.

*I know, I know, I probably shouldn’t be into Alanis Morissette at all – she’s neither ‘cool’ nor ‘so kooky and unusual and interesting a thing to like that I’m cool by default’. But I am twenty years old and I like what I like, OK, so as my friend L would say – no judgies! Anyway. I



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7 responses to “I've Never Wanted Something Rational…

  1. Adam

    Oooohhh – iTunes started playing Chasing Cars as I opened your blog… Spooky…

    Anyways – the song that does it for me is Trouble by Coldplay – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FPzI4dpEcF8 – this is the song I fell in love to… It used to remind me of her, and I stopped listening to Coldplay for a about a year or so… These days I’m much better, I don’t feel so down if I hear it…

  2. Absolutely. But I can take “biggest geek for songs and lyrics and everything else” further than most people. For what it’s worth, I have most eclectic, shitty, strange, amazing music taste. I’m quite proud of it, on the basis that I’ve never met anyone who couldn’t find something they both like and hate in it.

    At the moment, my song for the last few weeks has been Dixie Chicks – Easy Silence (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qbpFDOhQNBI – not the best version, so maybe the studio version here instead), and it’s tearing me up to listen to it at the moment.

  3. clare

    Snow Patrol gets me every time. Or used to. Because I was listening to ‘Warmer Climate’ on repeat on the way back from seeing A the last time I saw him, and for the next few weeks, and then… for the next week or two the song I listened to on repeat was the one that goes somewhere along the way: “and all I’m thinking throughout this whole flight/ is it could take my whole damn life to make this right”, interspersed with Razorlight’s “Somewhere Else”. And THAT week, A and I split up. And THEN (killer blow) I got that particular razorlight album for Christmas.
    So play me a heady cocktail of Snow Patrol and Razorlight, and ye’ll have me weeping like a babby…

  4. Flix

    Snow Patrol – all of that album. Razorlight – Fall, Fall, Fall. The Feeling – first album. Semisonic – Closing Time. Coldplay – The Scientist. I have others, too.

    Alainis Morissette is great. And Avril Lavigne, but I think that’s even less cool to like. Meh. Bovved?

  5. Jenny

    Kids, I was asking about your ex-happy-songs, not your ‘always bound to be ludicrously sad’ songs…! Meanwhile I will check out your various linked songs (yay πŸ™‚ ) next time my speakers are plugged in and not three floors above my head!


  6. Flix

    Closing Time always reminded me of happy times until I realised that it wasn’t really a happy song at all and now it’s unhappy because of more than one reason.

  7. Jenny

    Oh, I see. Thank you music, as ever, for being so great and so terrible. I couldn’t actually listen to anything for a while after P and I broke up…!

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