You Know It Really Might Be Christmas Soon When…

…the Waitrose ads are the last to start up, I find, don’t you? Whilst Morrisons and Curries are jangling and waving celebrities and deals in our faces and stuffing materialism into our greedy little souls (insert obvious turkey metaphor here for maximum cynicism; I can’t be bothered), and M&S gets all pornographic and tries to get us to indulge to excess (whilst being super middle-England and faux-classy about it, of course), the Waitrose adverts are always my favourites. I know they’re only selling me turkeys and puddings and chutney and party nibbles, but at the same time this particular advert also seems to be about homecoming and families getting together – the non-cynic in me feels that they’re saying that the food and so on is secondary to what it’s all about, which is getting together with the people you love. After all, on a very general level, it is. It’s about the birth of God’s only son – it’s about children, and parents, and bringing people together, love, and community, and what it means to be home. I know, really, that they’re only trying to flog me a turkey, but just for a second they got me a little bit teary-eyed…! Anyway, it’s a little bit lovely. Go on…



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11 responses to “You Know It Really Might Be Christmas Soon When…

  1. clare

    well I’M certainly weeping.

    oddsbodikins but that’s a lovely advert.


  2. Crikey, Jenny. Three in a day! Procrastinating much?

    It’s not Christmas til FIRST ADVENT SUNDAY, I’m afraid, and that’s not til this Sunday. Then I shall be gloriously festive, of course, but for now… nope, still November, I’m afraid. Think I must have overdosed on Christmas a few years back but I’m still putting it off until Advent. Because that’s how it Works, dammit.

    Although they’re making Christmas cake on the Archers now, though, so that’s a point in its favour, I concede.


  3. I only really watch stuff on the BBC or the internet, so I’m glad to say that adverts seem to pass me by…

    In other news, it’s Christmas eve in a month. Where did this year go? More importantly, it’s almost 2010. Where did the last decade go?!

  4. teacherface

    I like the M&S adverts if only for the fact Stephen Fry AND Wallance & Gromit are in it – the rest of them can go and do something else. In fact, M&S should have made an advert only involving Fry, Wallace & Gromit.
    I am off to write a letter as we speak…
    10 years ago I was 12, in 10 years time I’ll be 32 – bloody hell that’s a scary thought!

  5. Jenny

    I know exactly what you mean – where did this decade go, and how is ten years such a short time, and I-am-going-to-be-in-my-thirties-what-feels-like-any-day-now-oh-help!

    To be fair I haven’t actually seen this years’ M&S adversts. And one always makes Christmas cake in november, if not even sooner!

  6. I don’t think I’ve ever said this before, but…

    That was a really good advert!



    Although thank you Fiona, it is only Christmas once we’ve had the first Sunday of Advent.

  7. Jenny

    There was the car advert a few years back where they (whoever it was) were making hte point about how silent their car was, so they got a full choir to accurately reproduce engine noises, and so you saw the car driving round a multistory and you also saw the choir in said multistory all humming and whooshing and things in an authentic fashion. It was really effective and itneresting but i can’t remember when or what car!

    And yes, it is a bit stunning :D. Also good point about advent – but hey, at least Waitrose has managed to hold out this long!


  8. clare


    Being the car.

    I believe.

  9. Jenny

    No, it was Honda… yes, I did just trawl youtube for it 🙂

  10. Honda have done some stunningly great adverts. Like Cog, which is amazing because they actually filmed it. Took 606 takes, apparently. I also liked this one, although I think it should be acknowledged that this is the absolute best advert ever made. Listen to the music… 😉

  11. Ooh. The cog one is just beauuuuutiful. Really stunning. Ooh. *shiver*

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