The Beautiful South

I had a wonderful time last night. Thanks to facebook I had no trouble recognising L the moment I saw her approaching; it was surreal to be asked, ‘are you Jenny?’, but yes, I was. And from that moment on, the conversation was easy (although I am increasingly sure I’m losing my hearing) and laughs were plentiful and it was one of those evenings where I couldn’t stop at least half-smiling for most of the night. Lots of dancing, a pretty good set by Sandi Thom (you remember her – ‘I wish I was a punk-rocker, with flowers in my hair’, yes?) who was older than I thought and has a very good voice (next time I have money I am buying her album. Next time I have money being A Very Long While Away – I realised today that I’m doing worse on the budgeting than I had thought, and that next weekend’s jolly to seeΒ  P and H and Many Other People a few hours away is right off the cards unless I want to get very irresponsible about my savings, which, well, I want to, but I shan’t *glum face*) and was accompanied by herself and a man each on guitars, her mouth organ, when she wasn’t singing, and a man sitting on a box upon which he was also drumming, with gaffer tape bound around his fingers. Singular. Very danceable – and it was good fun dancing with L and K becuase they seemed to have the same relaxed attitude to dancing as I do – namely, it’s about my body reacting to the music, and not so much about what I look like or who may be watching.

And then The Beautiful South came on. Or as their tour T-shirts would have it, something like: ‘The South (but no longer beautiful)’. And they were beautiful, and sang brilliantly, and by the end the largely mid-thirties crowd were exploding off the dancefloor like so many cats on a hot tin roof. Very danceable, very listenable. Lots of singing along (and I found I knew more of hte words than I thought I would) and all in all a great night. They finished pretty early and we found we had time for drinks in a bar near the station before L and K left, where I had some rather stale cake and we talked like old friends about friends both mutual and not. And I very much hope to see them both again soon (in the future in which I have money, of course).

Talking of money, I’m sorry to whine: it’s all my own fault for being so reckless mainly last year and over the summer up to a point, and now it’s got to the point where it’ll take me a long while to save my way out of this because I don’t have money coming in to save, and when I do, I always need it just to stay alive and pay my bills. I can’t say there wasn’t a mad bit of me that was tempted, when I saw an article in the paper today about Dr Brooke Magnanti outing herself as Belle de Jour, to become an escort. Β£300/hr? I should think so! But I’m a good Christian girl, and I can’t imagine the psychological ramifications it could have, being paid to have sex. So instead I shall just bitch, moan and complain cheerfully. After all, it’s what I do best! (and why can’t someone pay me to do that? perhaps I should get a column in a paper. Because it’s that easy).

Anyway. Chocolate needs to be eaten and Spooks needs to be watched – after all, I’m a student, and it’s Saturday night, where else would I be?



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4 responses to “The Beautiful South

  1. I am unspeakably jealous. As I believe I told L on the train. Glad you had an amazing time, love. At his nibs’ as we speak, may give you a ring in the next few days, it’s been too long. Much love! x

  2. Kat

    Hello!!! I found you woo go me. And I too would love to meet you again and that night was AMAZING πŸ™‚ thank you for coming! xx

  3. Jenny

    Hello you! It was indeed an amazing night πŸ˜€ and thank you very much for giving me the opportunity!

    Meanwhile, Fi, hope you’re having a wonderful time chez his nibs – and I would simply adore a phone call πŸ™‚


  4. Mikel

    They are wonderful, I’ve listened to them for a while now. I’m so glad you had a wonderful evening and enjoyed yourself. Solid Bronze is a good album to start with if you want to get an album – has a fair few of their more well known numbers. And yes no surprise you know more of the words to their songs than you at first realise, the same thing happened to me when I started to “actively” listen to them.
    It seems they have been around for ages but without being noticed too much.
    As for Dr Brooke Magnanti, good for her. Knew where she wanted to be and was prepared to do what was necessary to get there. Not everyone will agree with the particular path she chose to get there but that was her choice. She seemed to handle it all ok and seems to have come out the other side without any of the hangups that may have happened, maybe she was lucky or perhaps just careful. Its definitely not for everyone by any means.
    I was about to say enjoy your chocolate but that was 3 days ago so i’ll settle for I hope you enjoyed your chocolate and spooks.
    I am now off to the DC for a quick pint of something – Duchars or Magus probably before wending my weary way home.

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