Blogbuddies Meet-Up!

Well, sorta.

This evening is significant, however, because I’ve wanted to meet L for a long time, and it’s finally happening. She also has the distinction of being the first person I’ve ever met in person who I already knew online, if that makes sense – I know eight of the fifteen people in MAP personally, but I met those eight for real and then discovered their blogs etc., whereas I’ve read L’s blog for two or three years now, and at last I’m going to meet her in person.

Furthermore, we’re going together with her friend K to see The Beautiful South, tonight! Which is pretty exciting. I’ve not listened to much of their stuff before – I don’t own any of their songs and I don’t buy music very often, but after tonight I should think I will! I’ve been listening to them all day and very much liking what I’ve heard.

Heh, just realised something: I’ve talked on here recently about going to see Bellowhead, Muse, The Apples, and now The Beautiful South – from this I’m pretty sure any crazy stalkers I might actually have would by now be able to gather a pretty good idea of not only where I live, but where I’ve been in the country at any given time in these past few weeks! Have fun, crazy stalker.

Anyway, I’m going to go and start cooking a lunch/dinner hybrid – I got up late today and I’m leaving to go out quite early, so I’m going for an early tea/late lunch over work at our sitting room table.



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12 responses to “Blogbuddies Meet-Up!

  1. Flix

    I am jealous.

    Also, I kind of had a passing thought about something similar to this a few days ago though that is probably less to do with the fact that I am psychic and more about the fact that you mentioned the possibility on your Muse post.

    Oh and I stalk everyone, but since I read your blog religiously, it’s hardly surprising that people will gather some information that isn’t explictly stated and a train to _________ is less than an hour away from __________ and costs less than a tenner or so I have heard. So you know, if you ever fancy a trip…


  2. Jenny

    Sadly although I’m a religious stalker I am also not terribly clever so have no idea where you are! But absolutely, in theory πŸ˜›

    And no, you really are psychic – the possibility didn’t even come up until thursday – i.e. literally the day before the gig, so at the time of posting about Muse I wouldn’t have had the merest inkling about this possibility!!


  3. Actually, it’s about an hour, Flix : )

  4. Jenny

    Wait, Flix, are you and Lucy located in the same town? :S!! xxx

  5. Curiouser and curiouser… *prints out page for inclusion in Dark and Mysterious Scrapbook*

  6. It’s only just twigged with me who L and K are. Man, I’m good…

  7. Jenny

    Goodness, you are clever… πŸ˜›

  8. Flix

    Heh, I was told 50 mins by a friend Apparantly it’s more like 55 or 56 mins according to national rail. There you go, work it out, lateral thinkers πŸ˜‰

    I’m not psychic as my wondering was more about the general possibility than the specific occasion. Hmm.

  9. Flix

    Oh, grammar fail right there. I don’t have a friend called Apparantly, I actually intended to have a full stop and also spell apparently correctly.

  10. Jenny

    That last comment made my day πŸ˜› – I literally laughed out loud.

    Woah. Funny how I now have to state that i actually laughed out loud, because ‘lol’ emphatically doesn’t mean that any more…!

    I would be lateral, but my geography is so poor that I’d basically have to plug in one by one every city in my third of the country (north, midlands, south, take your pick) until I found one that met the 55/56 minute criterion. It’ll take a while, because some of them will be way off…


  11. Flix

    I looked back to see when was the last time I mentioned location, if only indirectly. And it’s right there with talking about the band and disney on ice on consecutive days. I’m sure you can deduce something from that if you so desired…

  12. Or by looking at server logs and seeing where IP addresses resolve (something that most visitor tracking software does automatically)…

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