As a student, I don’t get out of the student bubble much. Currently, in a small way, I am doing just that – having just watched Newsnight, as I would at home, I am now watching a documentary presented by Peter Capaldi about Scottish portrait art, and it’s fascinating.

Anyway, I don’t get out of the student bubble much, and I miss art. So next time I have a day or an afternoon to spare, and I don’t feel that I should be exercising or working, I will go and find myself an art gallery that I don’t have to pay to enter and just go and stare at the beautiful things that people can create. I love that moment when you see a piece of art that literally takes your breath away because it chimes so exactly with how you are feeling or what you consider to be absolutely and completely beautiful. And it’s not just limited to the wonderful things you see in the Sage or the Tate or the National Gallery; at my old college’s end-of-year exhibition I saw a photograph of the eye of a horse with a really shallow depth of field and such rich, beautiful colours and reflections across the surface of the eyebrow. It was, quite simply, arresting. And that is the feeling that I am looking for. So yes, I will find the time to go and find me some art.

And talking of which – yesterday I went to a life drawing class held by the architects. Apparently I’m not shockingly bad at this. So I shall keep going, and gradually I shall become bloody brilliant at it. Although next time I’m taking a pencil sharpener.



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2 responses to “Art

  1. clare

    If I’m not dead by Monday evening, I’m going with A to a life-drawing class at Queen’s. I have decided this. yeaaah.


  2. Flix

    Lol. Yesterday, I did exactly this. Well, almost and not all of it. I can’t do art in any kind of sense, so life drawing is no way an option.

    But the relevant part? Yesterday, I weren’t feeling so great in mind, so I went for a stroll around the hospital, of all places (it was on the route I took, I don’t just waywardly wander around hospitals…) and they’ve got this art initiative where any staff or student can showcase their work of art, whether it be a painting, sketch or photograph. So there I was, idly walking with no timescale and peering at each of the art pieces that most people pass without a second glance. And it made me feel a little bit better. Art is good. The End.

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