I love Farmville for things like this:

Black Cat, 100% ready (clicks on black cat to get options): Sell, Collect Yarn, Allow Walk.

Pig, 100% ready (ditto): Sell, Collect Truffles, Stay.

Baby Elephant, 100% ready: …Collect Circus Peanuts (what are they, anyway?).

Yarn, from a cat? What kind of elephant harvests peanuts? And whoever heard of your average domestic pig rooting for truffles?

I’m really not sure how this is still entertaining me. It’s like some kind of crazy addiction. Oh dear.



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8 responses to “FarmVille

  1. Jenny

    haha quite possibly. Although I can’t believe that’s a real dog!

    Plus I think farmville is working the ‘cats love to play with balls of wool so clearly they can also spin yarn from wool’ angle, since you collect ‘wool’ from sheep and rabbits (angora, obviously, although farmville rabbits look like your average white rabbit to me but we’ll let that slide since I’m happy to admit I know nothing about rabbits)…!!

  2. clare

    Think of C and BJ when they’re moulting!! You get so much hair from them you could plausibly make half a mitten…

    And you’ve never ‘herd’ of a pig? How about heard of one? πŸ˜›


  3. mikel

    there is indeed a woman – according to some news type website that regularly kints jumpers made from the shed hairs of her dogs. Granted she has a pair or maybe it was a trio of huskys so there’s certainly plenty of material to work with. She gathers it all up, washes it and spins it into yarn (or maybe spins it then washes it – too technical for me!) and knits jumpers.
    When I read the report it said that the jumpers were really warm and very soft to the touch.
    I’ll try and dig it out and include it in another comment if successful but it was a few months ago.

    in fact inspiered I searched the BBC website and although not the one I originaly read – here is another along the same lines
    I also find out thtat huskys should in fact be huskies! you live and learn πŸ™‚

  4. mikel

    and indeed that the word thtat in the earlier post should really be that! dratted fingers πŸ™‚

  5. Will Cole

    You know it turns out that about 100 miles from Woodberry Forest is an actual town called Farmville!

  6. Jenny

    hehe that’s brilliant! PS any noun ending in ‘y’ – lady, husky, curry – usually is pluralised with ‘ie’, so – ladies, huskies, curries πŸ™‚ xxx

  7. Jenny

    That is wonderful, Will πŸ™‚ clearly I’d be right at home there…! Do they have spinning cats making yarn from their own fur, and elephants growing peanuts?

    Meanwhile, Will, if you can, look up the videos from the Wigmore Hall Song Competition – the two songs from A Shropshire Lad, sung by Marcus Farnsworth, are especially divine. Go via Martin’s blog (where the beautiful Sleep (by Ivor Gurney) can be found too.

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