Hood Up, Head Down

These last few days or weeks have seemed to me to be so… insular. I’m not complaining at all, but I’m well aware that my life consists of work and cleaning and talking to my housemates. Then there’s the odd visit to church, and we’re exempting from this last week, with Muse and what-all else, but basically my life is literally about getting things done at the moment – getting my degree, getting fed, getting fit, keeping the house tidy as far as I can, sorting out what’s happening in terms of our house next year, getting enough sleep… .

I haven’t sat down and read a book in ages. I can’t remember the last time I had the foggiest clue what was going on in the news, or what was being discovered in terms of science and research, or what was happening in the Archers. I don’t know what the weather is like out there except when I am running somewhere, late again (it’s currently rainy – to be fair, I can hear that on my window). I don’t seem to be planning much – I haven’t really any clear idea about what I’ll be doing next week except that it will involve lectures and music and church things and the socialisation that goes along with that – by which I mean it’ll probably be pretty similar to this week. And I don’t mind in the least – I am happy in my little studenty bubble, and I see just exactly as much of other people as I want to, which is actually quite a lot, and life is honestly very very happy. Although a little more pubbing and even a proper night out wouldn’t go amiss…!

I merely noticed this in terms of ‘I really don’t have much to say on my blog at the moment; why is that?’. And the answer is, there’s nothing in my life universal enough to be worth talking about to anyone who doesn’t actually already have a rough idea of what my life is like and who I am. You don’t care about the minor bits of gossip, or the fate or otherwise of our smallest department, or what we did in our church cell groups. Without knowing what my hair was like before you can have no idea how radically different it looks now. And you really don’t give a damn about my failed attempts to budget, what happened at the pub after orchestra, or my lectures (fascinating, since you ask, honestly). To be honest there isn’t much to say on any of those topics, and I’ve run out of feminist and non-feminist rants for the moment and anyway they’re a bit predictable, and I’m not depressed so I can’t whinge about that.

Anyway, I’m sorry that my blog is so terminally dull at the moment. Here’s hoping it gets more interesting soon. Well, so much for here’s hoping – I’m going to start remembering what the real world is like, starting with Radio Four, starting tomorrow morning.



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2 responses to “Hood Up, Head Down

  1. Don’t apologise for your blog being terribly dull, because it really isn’t. When it starts being about football or something, that’s when you should start apologising 🙂

  2. Our SU shop closed down at the end of last term. I no longer have cheap newspapers. Other than BBC Online, I no longer read the news. I’d club up with the other of my housemates who habitually got a newspaper, but he got the Times and as a Guardian reader I’m fundamentally opposed to that, with the exception of the crossword (which he is not allowed at til I’ve finished :p), and he obviously thinks he’s running the country (pah!) and won’t touch the Grauniad with a bargepole. It’s been a month at least since I bought The Week, and the summer holidays since I had time to read Private Eye. I feel I’m slacking.

    In other news, your blog is still interesting, don’t worry about it at all, I’m still reading! (although I worry about when I go off on one about knitting… on the subject of which I’ve just learned to throw stitches like my grandma did and it’s going so much more quickly! my hand hurts, but it’s so exciting!) Also I’m DESPERATE to see the haircut. Really. Reallyreally.

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