I'm Going To Bed Now.

But first let me tell you how amazing I am. You all know I’m pretty lazy when it comes to exercise. Sure, I walk most places (as long as I’m not carrying something heavy and it’s not raining, in which case I’ll get the bus, thanks) and one of my favourite things to do is boot up and get out in the hills.

Anyway. I joined the gym (I just typo’d ‘grym’, which amuses me a little bit, much like my misreading of a lorry on t’motorway last week: ‘Frozen Child Distribution’ (for ‘chilled’) – this still makes me giggle…) on their shape up for the party season 8-weeks-for-25-quid deal (obviously by the time I joined it was more like six or seven weeks, but never mind.

Since joining on Monday night just as they were shutting I have been to Tuesday and Thursday early morning yoga, a Step class (hilARious) and today, thursday, I went swimming, for hours, OW OW OW my arms and legs HURT, I really pushed myself and could hardly walk to the changing rooms once I’d hauled myself out of the pool. My body, by the ‘party season’, had better be Miss-World-Worthy.

Meanwhile my housemate has JUST CUT HER OWN HAIR. I need to go and see this.


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