Tomorrow I am going to see Muse, almost certainly with P, now, after a whole conglomeration of truly catastrophic events which has left C stranded in Home Town with his ticket, no money to hand, and no car. He knows how disappointed I am and I know he must feel worse, so the less said the better. I am worried about this – whilst P obviously wants to go, otherwise he wouldn’t be driving the three or four hours to get here, he is also complaining about having seats rather than standing (I must say I would like to be standing too but there were only seats left when I booked the tickets) and obviously we did only break up about a month ago. Thinking about it, actually, a month ago today. Which isn’t long. In a month a lot has happened, but that doesn’t mean I’m not a little nervous. But I am looking forward to seeing him, and that is eclipsed by just how excited I am about the gig itself. Seated we may be, but knowing what little I know about their previous shows, it’ll be a spectacle, no matter what, and a night to remember. I shall keep you posted.



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6 responses to “Muse

  1. Jealous.

    Hope you have a good night πŸ™‚

  2. teacherface

    I was all set up for seeing them on Nov 13th and then Uni got in the way. It was a Friday Nov 13th mind you…

  3. Rosie

    Not the best situation by the sounds of it, but I’m still really jealous – they’re meant to be absolutely fantastic! Hope you have a fantastic time πŸ™‚

  4. On that note, a few months ago I ended up going to a gig (for my all-time favourite band) with my ex-girlfriend – it was entirely horrendous and she pretty much ignored me all night (inamongst some not-so pleasant comments!) but even that didn’t eclipse how good a night it was.

    So even if you’re not on civil terms, it’s doable if you just let yourself run away with the atmosphere and the music and everything else. And if you’re friends, don’t let it become a big deal – just enjoy what should be a really amazing night!

  5. Jenny

    Thankfully we are on civil terms, or I would never have asked him to join me – I knew how much he wanted to go when we were together and it was a long shot but it turned out he had nothing on he couldn’t rearrange or skip and is therefore coming up in a matter of hours. I don’t think I foresee any major hideousness and hopefully it won’t be a big deal, but you’re right – things would have to get truly awful before they eclipsed MUSE!! We were both at a gig a fortnight back and the gig itself was excellent and I won’t forget that, even though the last few hours of that evening were more than a little bit terrible really. So it should all be fine πŸ™‚ and thanks – that was just what I needed to hear, just to remember that no matter what else, it’ll still be an amazing night.

    heh, given the waves of jealousy I’m sensing perhaps we should all agree to go to see MUSE, blogbuddies together, the next time the chance comes up…!! that would be surreal, but interesting and positively cinematic…!

  6. christ, that really would be bizarre…

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